COB Advisory Board

The Board of Advisors is a volunteer group of interested and influential friends of the UCA College of Business. The primary purpose of this group is to help the College of Business become a more dynamic force for the advancement of business education at the undergraduate and graduate levels and enhance service to the community and external stakeholders.

  1. Become an informed advocate for the UCA College of Business, its contributions to quality business education, research and practice.
  2. Advance the objectives of the College of Business by providing guidance to the Dean, Department Chairs, and Faculty.
  3. Engage in, assist, and support the fundraising efforts of the College.
  4. Assist the College in the recruitment and placement of students.
  5. Provide valuable contacts for faculty and students of the College as they pursue their professional goals.
  6. Offer insight into the external environment – from legislative to industry trends – which impacts the College’s mission and strategic plan.
Board Members
Johnny Adams
Jackie Bracey
Bret Carroll
Chris Coffman
James Corley
Granger Davis
Mark Ferguson
Graham Gibbs
Zack King
Drew May
Lori Melton
Randy Milligan
Shannon Newton
Justin Oakley
Gary Reifeiss
Laura Roussell
Lori Ross
Karen Shaw
Jeff Standridge
Donna Townsell