Business Advisors


You must speak with your advisor before you can register.

Once you have declared a major in the College of Business (COB), our Academic Advisors can help you register for the right classes, show you the steps you need to take to graduate with a business major, and connect you to resources you may need to succeed. Your advisor will be your COB guide to help you from the day you choose your major to the day you graduate.

Tips for Success:

  1. Check your cub mail account often!
  2. Read the student guide if you’re new to UCA.
  3. Check out the Academic Calendar for important dates like when you must register or drop a class to get your full refund.
  4. Always read your syllabus

Meet the COB Advisors:

Christy Peel
COB Advisor
College of Business 103A
(501) 852-2792

Emma Allen
COB Advisor
College of Business 103B
(501) 852-2470

Louisa Moseley
COB Advisor
College of Business 103E
(501) 852-0835

Kayla Thomas M.A.
COB Advisor
College of Business 103C
(501) 450-5133

Lauren Crafton
COB Advisor
College of Business 103D
(501) 450-5354


Feel free to email your advisor if you have questions, but please understand that it could be 24 business hours before you get an answer. On weekends and holidays, the COB office is closed, and advisors will respond as soon as they can when they return to the office.