Team Global

Team Global is a student organization that serves in welcoming and guiding international students during international orientation at the beginning of each semester and cultural activities throughout the year.

For this organization, the Center for Global Learning and Engagement is looking for out-going students that want to:

  • Make new friendships with international students.
  • Serve as mentors to the new international students during orientation and throughout their time at UCA.
  • Help with the set-up and breakdown of orientation sessions.
  • Help new international students move in and get acclimated to the campus.
  • Help the new international students with check-in and registration.
  • Help new international students feel at home through socialization and special cultural activities.
  • Help the new international students get ready for classes and dorm life by taking them to Wal-Mart and Target.
  • Help with other international activities throughout the year.

Benefits of Joining Team GlobalĀ 

  • Free admission to Center for Global Learning and Engagement trips
  • Free early housing move-in at shared room rate ONLY
  • Free meals at the cafeteria for the duration of Global Welcome
  • Increasing your cross-cultural communication skills
  • Volunteer involvement on your resume
  • Meeting new people and making new friends!

Apply for Team Global

Students interested in being a part of Team Global should apply. We are looking for volunteers for the following areas. No one has to volunteer for every activity.

  • Airport Volunteers — Airport volunteers will take a UCA shuttle to the airport, then greet students as their planes land. They will help students find their luggage, and at the appropriate time, they will help them find the shuttle that will bring them to UCA.
  • New Student Check-In — Check-In volunteers will assist in making sure students are able to check in with the Center for Global Learning and Engagement. Volunteers are needed to sign students in, help them complete paperwork, help them take their luggage to their residence hall assignments, and go over their Global Welcome schedules.
  • Wal-Mart Shuttle Volunteers — Several shopping shuttles are provided throughout Global Welcome for new students to buy supplies they were not able to bring with them. Each shuttle will have a Team Global member on it to help students find items in Wal-Mart and know when and where they need to be back on the shuttle to return to campus.
  • Bank Shuttle Volunteers — Center for Global Learning and Engagement also provides multiple shuttles to different banks for students to set up a bank account. Each shuttle will have a Team Global member go with it to assist students, make sure they return on the shuttle and contact the Student Services Coordinator in case there are any difficulties.
  • Welcome Team Leader — New international students are divided into teams of 12-15 students based on their student classification. Each team will have up to 3 team leaders. Team Leaders will make sure students get to each of their events during Global Welcome. Team leaders are also responsible for connecting with their students, building relationships with them, and ideally becoming one of the first friends they make at UCA.