Request for I-20 Extension

F-1 students must complete their program before the program end date on the I-20. If your program end date is approaching and you and your adviser believe you will need more time to complete your program. You may request an I-20 extension.

I-20 extensions may be granted under the following circumstance:

  • the student has continually maintained status and
  • the delays are caused by compelling academic or medical reasons, such as changes of major or research topics, unexpected research problems, or documented illnesses.
  • Delays caused by academic probation or suspension are not acceptable reasons for program extensions.
  • An extension will not be granted if the student did not apply for an extension until after the program end date noted on the Form I-20.

To request an I-20 extension, the student must submit:

  1. F1 Student Request for I-20 Extension form completed by student and the adviser
  2. Financial Support Statement form
  3. Financial documentation – bank letter or account statement issued within the last 6 months to cover the period requested
  4. Intent to Live on campus form (if applicable)
  5. Letter from a physician or mental health care provider if extension requested due to medical reason