LewerMark Student Insurance

The University of Central Arkansas strives to provide affordable, quality health insurance for all international students. Our provider, LewerMark Student Insurance, serves the health insurance needs of thousands of international students in Arkansas and across the United States. Upon arriving at UCA all international students are enrolled in the LewerMark insurance plan. Continuing students are automatically re-enrolled in the LewerMark plan each semester, year-round, including holidays and vacation periods.

International student athletes are enrolled on a specific health insurance plan to provide an intercollegiate sports benefit.  Details related to this plan can be found here

  • Fall Semester: August 1-December 31
  • Spring Semester: January 1-July 31
  • Summer Semester: Students who begin their program of study in the Summer semester will be enrolled in Lewermark health insurance from June 1 – July 31st

Students pursuing a degree program at UCA are required to maintain health insurance over a continuous 12-month period until they graduate.  Students who graduate in May in their final year are eligible to apply for a refund for June and July if they have not used their insurance that semester.

International Insurance Fee

The insurance fee for each of the above periods will be placed on students’ accounts after they have registered for classes for the appropriate semester, and will need to be paid along with the rest of the students’ tuition and fees. The cost of the insurance for the 2024-2025 academic year is the following:

  • Fall fee:  $656.45
  • Spring fee:  $919.03  (Students graduating in Spring may be eligible for a refund of summer insurance.  Go here for details.)
  • Summer fee (new students only):  $262.58


Policy Overview

  • $300,000 annual benefit maximum
  • $250,000 per injury or illness maximum
  • $100 deductible per policy year
  • COVID-19 vaccine, testing and treatment
  • $300 wellness benefit
    • Includes reimbursement for new students receiving the T-Spot test and/or MMR vaccinations at the UCA Student Health Clinic.
  • $50,000 for medical evacuation
  • $25,000 for repatriation of remains
  • Pre-existing condition maximum of $300,000 for returning students with continuous coverage and no lapse during the last six months
  • Maximum of $2,500 pre-existing condition coverage for newly enrolled students for the first 6 months (For pre-existing conditions not excluded in policy)
  • Full coverage in any country a student visits except his or her home country
    • $1,500 coverage in a student’s home country.

For more details on the policy, students can view the 2023-2024 Plan Summary here. Students can also view the full 2023-2024 Plan Brochure here. UCA has their own web portal on the LewerMark website: lewermark.com/uca. At this portal you can view more information about your plan, print your insurance card, find a doctor, or webchat with a LewerMark representative.

MMR and T-Spot Reimbursements

Students with insurance through LewerMark are eligible to be reimbursed for the money they spent on MMR vaccinations and T-spot screenings.  The reimbursement is part of your wellness benefit.  An email will be sent out about a month after classes begin, explaining the following process to file an insurance claim:

  • First you will need to obtain your receipt from the Student Health Center.  
  • Next, you will need to email enrollments@lewer.com to give them your mailing address.  You need to provide your address to LewerMark, so they will mail your reimbursement check directly to you.  If you live on campus, this will be your P.O. Box number. We will not receive mail for you in our office. 
  •  Lastly, you will email a scanned copy of your receipt from the Student Health Clinic to lewermarksupport@lewer.com and file a claim for your wellness reimbursement.

Accessing & Using Your Insurance Card

Please visit the following section for detailed information on accessing your insurance card and using your insurance.

Additional LewerMark Services

You can take advantage of free online access to a registered nurse and online counseling services in your language. Click here for more details.

Dependent Insurance Coverage

Please note: LewerMark does not provide insurance coverage for dependents. If you have dependents in need of coverage, LewerMark does recommend Patriot America Plus.  Apply here. Here is a link with all the options – https://lewerglobal.com/.  You may also use a different provider if you would like.

If you have any questions regarding your LewerMark insurance coverage, please contact us at intlinsurance@uca.edu