Additional LewerMark Services

In addition to health insurance, students can take advantage of several other services LewerMark offers:

Custom Service & Claims/Billing Assistance

You likely still have several questions. LewerMark has several resources to help you best use your insurance, including:

  • LewerMark-UCA Portal: We strongly recommend you become familiar with LewerMark’s online UCA Portal
    • Chat Function: The website features a chat function so that you can talk to an actual LewerMark representative
  • Search for a Doctor: Find the healthcare providers across the U.S. that accept LewerMark insurance
  • Billing Questions: 1-888-711-2332
  • Claims Questions: 1-800-414-0596
  • Coverage Questions: 1-800-821-7710
  • Email:

Additional Services

Make sure to also check out: