Dropping Below Full-Time Enrollment

As a non-immigrant student, you must be continuously be enrolled in full-time study. Undergraduates at UCA must take a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester and graduates must take a minimum of 9 credits per semester. There are few specific reasons for having less than full-time enrollment. You must always meet with a DSO before dropping below full-time enrollment, even if you meet the requirements.  Request to drop below form

Acceptable reasons for enrolling less than full-time:

  • You may enroll for less than full-time based on academic reasons limited to unfamiliarity with American teaching methods, improper course placement, or difficulty with the English language in your first semester. This will be determined in consultation with the student, adviser and instructor and must be authorized in advance by a DSO. You must, however, remain in a minimum of 6 credit hours or 3 graduate credit hours. This is available to you ONE time during each academic level.
  • You may enroll for less than full time or not at all for valid medical reasons if you provide medical documentation from a medical doctor or licensed clinical psychologist. This cannot exceed a total of 12 months during a course of study and must be authorized in advance by a DSO.
  • You may enroll for less than full-time when you are completing the final semester before graduating.

If you do not meet any reason for dropping below full-time and decide to completely withdraw from classes for the semester, see Authorized Early Withdrawal.

Extended Study

If you must drop a class and it is after the Registrar’s deadline for adding new classes, you have the option of enrolling in online extended study credits. These classes can be completed at your own pace over 6 months and count toward your full-time status. Once you have registered for extended study classes, you must bring a copy of your registration to a DSO in Center for Global Learning and Engagement.

Learn more about Extended Study at UCA, but be aware of Online Study Restrictions.

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