Letters of Invitation

During your time at UCA, there may be times when you would like family or friends to visit you from home. The most common time family and friends visit is during the commencement ceremony.  Most visitors will need a visa to enter the U.S.  Citizens of certain countries are exempted from needing a visa.  See the Visa Waiver Program to determine if a visa is needed.

Whether a visa is needed or not, an invitation letter from Global Learning & Engagement may be helpful as your family and friends plan to travel to the U.S. If you would like us to issue an invitation letter for you, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete the invitation letter request form.
  2. Invitation letters will be processed 2-3 business days after you complete the form.
  3. All invitation letter(s) will be sent to your UCA email.

Other steps in in the visa process

Review the U.S Visitor Visa application process page to view the required documents and information on the process.  Applicants can request a visa interview online. See the U.S. Consulate website for your country.

Additional documents that may be helpful for the visitor include:

  1. A copy of your enrollment verification
  2. Evidence of your valid status in the US such as I-20/DS-2019