The Global Education Project

The University of Central Arkansas (UCA) is pleased to offer the Global Education Project (GEP), a short term visiting program for international students at UCA. GEP focuses on providing an excellent opportunity for all visiting students to learn more about American culture and pursue education in their discipline while improving English skills. The goal of GEP is to assist visiting students to become more globally-minded and academically motivated. Visiting students gain a perspective about the American higher education system and contribute to the global learning environment at UCA. Their presence will also enhance the global learning environment at UCA.

The program is uniquely designed to benefit our visiting international students in the classroom and on campus. Students who have the required English skills are welcome to participate in regular courses with UCA students while those with lower proficiency can sharpen their language ability through our excellent Intensive English Program (IEP). All students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in U.S. culture by living, eating and socializing with US students. Students are required to take at least 12 (up to 15) undergraduate credits or 9 (up to 12) graduate credits. Students will pay the related tuition fees, housing fees, unlimited meals at the cafeteria, health insurance, membership to the campus fitness center and other associated fees required by UCA. In all, we hope this project will encourage students from our partner universities to participate in a semester or year-long study abroad experience at UCA benefiting both the sending and receiving communities.


Applications are complete once all required documentation is submitted.

Fall Admission

April 5th

Spring Admission

September 15th





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