Before You Obtain Your AR Drivers License

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Foreign Drivers License

International visitors to the U.S. can use a foreign drivers license for up to 6 months. Center for Global Learning and Engagement encourages students to obtain an Arkansas Drivers License to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. Drivers licenses from different states are recognized throughout the entire country.

Auto Insurance

All owners of vehicles must have auto insurance. Failure to present proof of coverage when stopped by an officer is illegal. When you purchase auto insurance, you must decide how much coverage you want to purchase. Liability is the minimum coverage required by law. With liability, your insurance will only cover damage to another vehicle’s car, not your own. Full-coverage, collision and other options will cover and your car more completely, but the premiums will be higher.

Follow the Traffic Laws

Click it or ticket is the law in Arkansas (all passengers must wear a seat belt). Drinking and driving is severely forbidden. You must not be under the influence of alcohol while driving or even have an opened alcoholic beverage in the vehicle. This is true regardless of age.

Registering in SEVIS

When receiving or renewing your drivers license, you must first request through Center for Global Learning and Engagement that you are registered in SEVIS. All students are registered within 30 days of the drop/add date. If you are applying for your license before the 30 days, you must first be registered full-time for class and contact Center for Global Learning and Engagement for early registration.

Arkansas State Identification Card

The purpose of a state ID card is to prove your name, age and/or address. It may be used as an ID in place of your passport when you do not want to carry your original passport. The state ID does not permit you to drive or work.
To apply for a Arkansas State Identification card, you must bring your passport and be registered in SEVIS.

View the steps for obtaining an Arkansas drivers license.