Alternate Health Insurance Requirements & Waiver Process

UCA international students have the option of requesting a waiver to use an alternate health insurance policy. Proof of alternate health insurance coverage is required each semester students are enrolled. Students who fail to provide proof of alternate insurance coverage will be placed on LewerMark insurance and have the semester’s insurance fee placed on their account.

Acceptable Alternate Health Insurance Plans:

UCA international students are not allowed to purchase a private insurance plan from a U.S. based provider.  You may request a waiver from the LewerMark health insurance plan if your insurance plan meets one of the three requirements below: 

  1. Your parent/spouse is employed by a United States based company that provides Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant coverage that you are covered under.
  2. You arrived in the United States with health insurance because you participate in a government/exchange student program, such as SACM.
  3. You are currently covered by your parent’s insurance plan from your home country. This plan must be valid in the United States.  An emergency-only and/or travel plan will not be accepted.

To be eligible to request a waiver from LewerMark, you must submit your full policy and proof of coverage showing the following requirements:

  • The policy must be written in English and benefit amounts must be in U.S dollar (USD) currency.
  • Annual Maximum $250,000 USD
  • Maximum $500 USD deductible per policy year
  • Minimum $50,000 USD coverage for medical evacuation
  • Minimum $25,000 USD coverage for repatriation of remains
  • Selfinflicted injuries and illness (at least up to a maximum of $10,000 USD)
  • COVID-19 testing and treatment must be covered
  • Mental Health: 30 visit outpatient; 30 days inpatient
  • Pre-Existing Conditions: coverage up to the policy max after 6 months
  • The plan cannot be a travel or a reimbursement based policy.
  • The plan must provide  coverage year-round, including holidays and vacation periods. See below for the required coverage dates based on the first semester enrolled at UCA.
    • Students enrolled in the Fall semester must have health insurance coverage from August 1-December 31st
    • Students enrolled in the Spring semester must have health insurance coverage from January 1- July 31st


Insurance plans offered by the following companies will not be accepted in any circumstances to receive a waiver:

ISO, IMG, GBG, HCC, ISI, ISP, PGH, PSI (This is only a partial list of plans that are not acceptable.)

How to Request a Waiver to use Alternative Health Insurance

Students who have health insurance plans that meet the above requirements may submit a waiver to use their plan instead of the university approved insurance plan. LewerMark will review your health insurance waiver and will notify you via email of your approval or denial. The following documents must be submitted to

Deadline: First day of classes each semester

Students submitting an alternate insurance waiver for the first time will have the insurance fee for the appropriate semester on their student account until their request has been reviewed. If approved, the fee will be removed. Students who wish to pay the balance of their student account can either: (a) wait until the fee is removed; (b) pay all tuition and fees except for the insurance fee; (c) pay the entire account balance, and receive a refund if the request is approved and the fee removed.

Students who are denied to use their own health insurance plan will be enrolled in the LewerMark plan and will have the appropriate semester charges added to their student account.