ACRE Reading Groups

Upcoming in Fall 2020

ACRE reading groups are weekly sessions co-lead by UCA professors. Dinner is provided. A $500 scholarship will be awarded upon completion of the reading group. For questions about reading groups or the application process, contact Zachary Burt at

“Exploring Inequality”

Economics Reading Group

Inequality is frequently said to be a growing problem that needs to be addressed. Students will read and discuss works on this issue from a variety of perspectives. Authors will include Milton Friedman, Joseph Stiglitz, Tyler Cowen, and Paul Krugman. Students will explore questions such as: What do people mean by the term “inequality”? How do you measure it? Is it changing substantially over time? What can (and should) public policy do to address it? What other solutions are there?

“Institutions and the Constitution”

History Reading Group

What is the proper role of government? What should its primary function be? What role should government play in the lives of everyday citizens? How do legal and social institutions increase or decrease the power of government? In this reading group, students explored these questions in relation to the creation of the United States Constitution. Students will read works from scholars like Dennis Mueller, James Buchanan, and Joyce Appleby, as well as a wealth of primary source documents.

As part of this reading group, students will spend a weekend at a mock Constitutional Convention where they will debate issues and write a Constitution.

Landmark Supreme Court Cases

Law Reading Group

The Supreme Court is a co-equal part of our federal government along with Congress and the President. And, yet, it is often overlooked or misunderstood. When Congress or the President makes a decision, there is not a legal document showing how that decision was reached. Most Supreme Court decisions, however, come with a legal opinion. Over the course of ten weeks, students in this reading group read major Supreme Court opinions covering topics such as corporate free speech rights, religious freedom, equal protection, and federalism. Students may also have the opportunity to visit the Arkansas Supreme Court and listen to an oral argument.


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