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ACRE Reading Groups

Upcoming in Fall 2021

ACRE reading groups are weekly sessions co-lead by UCA professors. A $500 scholarship will be awarded upon completion of the reading group. For questions about reading groups or the application process, contact Christy Horpedahl at

Applications for the Fall 2021 reading groups are closed. 

“Freedom and Human Flourishing: Poverty, Prosperity, & Happiness around the World”

Economics Reading Group

The McLane Teammates Reading Program will again operate concurrently at Southern Methodist University (SMU), Baylor University, the University of Central Arkansas, and Angelo State University during the Fall 2021 semester. Each group will discuss similar readings. The theme for the Fall 2021 program is Freedom and Human Flourishing: Poverty, Prosperity, & Happiness around the World. Participants will read and discuss work by a diverse group of scholars, including Daron Acemoglu, George Ayittey, William Easterly, Deirdre McCloskey, James Otteson, and Jeffrey Sachs, that examine the role of personal freedom, markets, and culture in promoting human flourishing. Program participants will explore these questions and more:

  • Why are some nations prosperous while other remain impoverished?
  • How should we measure socio-economic progress?
  • What role does foreign aid play in helping the poor?
  • How has the quality of life changed over time around the world?
  • How do government policies and markets affect our well-being?

ACRE’s Economics Reading Group complements parallel programs at Baylor University, Texas Tech University, Angelo State University, and Southern Methodist University. Students will examine the same set of readings and will interact at a joint summit in the first half of the semester, hosted by SMU (done virtually if in-person is not feasible). Attendance at that summit is mandatory. The group will meet in-person at the College of Business, Monday nights from 5:00-7:00pm.

“Landmark Supreme Court Cases”

Law Reading Group

Under its power of judicial review, the judicial system protects the fundamental rights of individuals and businesses and shields them from the arbitrary and capricious use of government power. Yet, despite being a co-equal part of the federal government, the Supreme Court is often overlooked or misunderstood. The Court’s many judicial opinions, however, provides insight. Over the course of ten weeks, students in this reading group read major Supreme Court opinions covering topics such as economic freedom, federalism, equal protection, privacy, and intellectual property rights. The group will meet Wednesday nights, 5:30-7:00 p.m.



If you are interested in participating in a future reading group, or if you have any other questions, please contact Christy Horpedahl at

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