Speaker Series

Fall 2022

Dr. Peter Calcagno – How Systematic Deficits Got Started
Tuesday, September 27. 1:40 p.m., College of Business Auditorium

Dr. Peter Calcagno is Professor of Economics at the College of Charleston, and the Director of the Center for Public Choice and Market Process. He is a Public Choice and Public Policy Project Fellow with American Institute of Economic Research. Dr. Calcagno’s areas of research include applied microeconomics, public choice, and political economy. In addition to authoring numerous journal articles and book chapters, he is the editor of Unleashing Capitalism: A Prescription for Economic Prosperity in South Carolina.

  • Dr. Calcagno’s presentation at UCA will address questions such as
  • Why has the national debt grown year after year?
  • Why have attempts to stop the growth of the national debt failed?
  • What strategies for controlling the national  debt would be effective?


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