Confidential Reporting Hotline

The University of Central Arkansas is committed to conducting business in an ethical manner and in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and university policies. The UCA Confidential Reporting Hotline (“Hotline”), with the support of the UCA community, is an effective way to help the University address potential noncompliance with laws, regulations and university policies.

Examples of compliance issues that may be reported using the Hotline include, but are not limited to, financial impropriety, misuse of UCA resources, conflicts of interest, discrimination, harassment, health and safety issues, and information security violations. Knowledge of the exact law, regulation or policy related to the potential violation is not necessary. In addition, certainty that a violation has occurred or will occur is not required. If uncertainty exists, the better course of action is to report the potential violation to the Hotline. The Hotline must be provided with enough information to allow the potential violation to be adequately investigated and addressed.

If information exists that may be helpful to the UCA Police Department in an investigation of a crime on campus or with regard to any safety or security concerns on campus, please use the confidential reporting Hotline.  However, PLEASE NOTE:  If an EMERGENCY exists, a situation requires IMMEDIATE ATTENTION, or a crime is occurring, please dial 9-1-1 or (501) 450-3111 right away.

The Hotline is an anonymous, toll-free, 24-hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week resource to report compliance concerns. A detailed report will be forwarded to the UCA Internal Audit office. The Hotline is staffed and managed by Lighthouse Services, Inc., and is not affiliated with UCA.  This service is provided pursuant to a contract with the University. Call tracing or recording devices are NOT used.

Inquiries and reports can be made without fear of retribution. UCA policy prohibits any retaliation against individuals who report compliance issues in good faith. Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action. In order to use the Hotline, please report suspected non-compliance by telephone, electronic mail, online or by fax:

The Hotline is a service offered by UCA, which allows university employees to anonymously report serious violations or infractions. Whether making a report openly or anonymously, employees are protected from:

  • Retaliation,
  • Harassment,
  • Reprisals,
  • OR victimization for whistle blowing in good faith.

Below are answers to questions about this service:

Who is a Whistleblower?
A whistleblower is a person who raises a concern about misconduct occurring in an organization. Such misconduct may be a violation of law, rule or regulation, the act of fraud, health and safety violations, or corruption.

What is Lighthouse?
Since 1998, Lighthouse Services has been providing confidential, 24-hour reporting services, enabling companies of all sizes to maintain an ethical workplace and address fraud, abuse, regulatory violations and other inappropriate behavior.

By delivering industry best practices while pioneering affordable solutions, Lighthouse has been established as one of the most successful hotline providers in the industry, servicing more than 1,000 clients.

Why should I use the Lighthouse Hotline?
A key component of the hotline is to provide a method for reports to be made confidentially and anonymously using a third party.

Who can file a report?
UCA’s policy on whistle blowing allows for all students and employees including full time, part time, vendors, and temporary help to use the hotline service.

Will my identity remain anonymous?
Yes.  Your anonymity will be protected to the extent possible by the law and Lighthouse will never divulge your identity without your permission.

What types of things should be reported using the hotline?
Examples of serious issues that might be reported include (but are not limited to): Falsification of Contracts, Reports or Records; Harassment and Discrimination; Theft and Embezzlement; Unsafe Working Conditions; Violations of University Policy; and Violations of the Law.

Can I include documentation?
Yes.  Reports sent by web or fax allow for this option.

Can I include my contact information?
Yes.  You are encouraged (but not obligated) to provide Lighthouse with your contact information so Lighthouse can contact you on our behalf if additional information is needed.

How do I file a report?
Reports to the whistle blower hotline can be made in the following ways:

How do I get a status update on my report?
If you have questions about the status of your report, please contact the hotline toll-free phone number and provide your report number.

Do I have an obligation to make a report?
Consistent with our Mission, and as a community of ethical decision makers, it is of the utmost importance that improprieties are reported so that corrective action can be taken. The Hotline offers UCA employees, students and vendors the ability to do this anonymously.

I am afraid of retaliation, how do I know I will not be fired for making a report?
The Arkansas Whistle-blower Act aims to provide an avenue for employees to raise concerns anonymously and reassurance that they will be protected from retaliation, harassment, reprisals or victimization for whistle blowing in good faith.

Where can I get more information on UCA board policy for Whistle-blowing?
Additional information is available on the UCA website at with details regarding Board Policy #523 entitled, “Arkansas Whistle-blower Act.”

If you are faced with an EMERGENCY or are concerned for the IMMEDIATE safety of yourself or others, dial 911.