Global Education Project FAQs

Eligibility Criteria to Apply

Are students required to provide their transcripts to study at UCA?

Yes, students must submit a complete transcript in English when they apply. We understand that they may not have the grades for the Spring semester (if applying for Fall) or their grades for Fall (if applying for Spring) and that is acceptable.
Graduate students should be prepared to have a letter from their home university Graduate Dean for taking graduate level courses in order to enroll in graduate level courses in UCA. Graduate students interested in participating in the Global Education Project can apply through the Center for Global Learning & Engagement (CGLE), but the applications are approved by the UCA Graduate School and the Graduate Program in which they seek to study.

Music students should submit their portfolio to CGLE before April 15th (if applying for fall semester), or October 30th (if applying for spring semester).

Which academic departments are GEP students allowed to study in?

Undergraduate students may study in any department on campus if they obtain a qualifying language proficiency score. Students who scored just below these scores may still be able to take academic courses at UCA. In some departments prerequisite classes may warrant students to receive a special permission to enroll in certain classes.

Students without a TOEFL or IELTS score may only study in the Intensive English Program (IEP).

Graduate student may take graduate level courses with approval from specific department at UCA and must meet the following English proficiency test requirements TOEFL IBT: 79 or IELTS: 6.5

Is it necessary for students to provide their English proficiency test results first?

If students plan to study only in the IEP, then they do not need to take an English proficiency test before applying.

Students who wish to take regular university courses must submit English proficiency scores

Are there any limits on the number of students allowed to apply for study at UCA?

Please check with your home university, UCA has an agreement with your university in which the number of students has been discussed.

J-1 (Visiting Student) Visa Questions

What documents are required to apply for a student visa?

Students must bring the following documents to the U.S. Consulate at the time of their visa interview:

  • Official Acceptance Letter from UCA
  • Form DS-2019 (provided by UCA)
  • Documentation of Financial Support
  • Receipt for the payment of the mandatory SEVIS fee

For additional information about obtaining a J-1 student visa, please check the website of U.S. Embassy in your country.

Is the SEVIS fee included in the fees paid to UCA?

No, the SEVIS fee is not included in the GEP price. Students are required to pay all visa and SEVIS application fees.

Tuition & Fees

What is the GEP price?

The price varies every year depending on the tuition and fee structure at UCA. Partner institutions are informed of the estimated fee before applications open for the following semester. Please check with your university.

How many credit hours can a student take?

Students hold a J-1 visa must enroll in a minimum of twelve (12) undergraduate or nine (9) graduate credit hours each semester to fulfill the terms of their visa.

Any additional credits a GEP student choose to enroll in will result in additional charges.

Are GEP students required to purchase health insurance?

Yes, all GEP students are required to be covered by the LewerMark health insurance. For coverage dates and details please refer to our website.

Are there additional costs for placement testing?

There is not a fee for English placement testing.

If students wish to enroll in regular undergraduate classes, they will be required to take the Accuplacer test in mathematics, reading, and writing. There is no fee for the first attempt.

It is the student’s responsibility to pay for the institutional TOEFL, TOEFL iBT or other tests during the semester.

When must students pay for their tuition and fees at UCA?

Payment is due on the day before the classes start day as indicated on the academic calendar. Due to possible changes in GEP students’ class schedules in the first week of classes the payment due date may be subject to change. The Center for Global Learning & Engagement will let the students know when they should pay their account balance.

Class Registration Procedure

Are there any courses taught in languages other than English?

With the exception of foreign language classes, all classes are taught in English.

What is the procedure for students to register for classes?

Students with a qualifying English test score are required to take the Accuplacer tests in math, reading, and writing first. These tests will be given on UCA campus during the Global Welcome after arrival. University transcripts in English language will be required as some higher level courses may have prerequisites. (We recommend that students enroll in courses beginning with the number “1” or “2”). Please understand that all students who want to take regular UCA courses must also provide English transcripts to the respective department to confirm that all preregistration requirements have been met.

Some departments may require a course syllabi in English to assess course contents. We suggest that students who plan to take academic classes have their courses syllabi (in English) from home university available.

Students who submit English proficiency test scores after being admitted should prepare to take IEP courses as some regular classes may fill early.

Students who plan to enroll in IEP classes will need to take the placement test in the first week of orientation. Students will be placed in appropriate courses according to their score.

Are students allowed to take fewer than twelve (12) credit hours?

No. Students must maintain a minimum of twelve (12) undergraduate or nine (9) graduate credit hours in order to maintain their J-1 visa status. Students who drop below the minimum course load will fall out of status, and WILL be subject to appropriate immigration regulations that may include deportation.

Room & Board

What are the residence halls like?

For a double room, each student will share a room with a roommate of the same gender. For a detailed housing options, please refer to our Housing website.

Students who are 21 and over are encouraged to choose a UCA apartment.

Are the residence halls far from where classes are held?

Residence halls are located in the middle of campus, so students will have a very short walk to class.

What should I do if I arrive before the recommended arrival date?

If you must arrive in the US before the recommended arrival dates, please be prepared to make your own transportation and housing arrangements.  If requested in advance, you may be placed for a few days with an American host family at no cost. More details can be found here.

Does the meal fee include three meals every day? Is the cafeteria open during the weekends and holidays?

It depends on the meal plan the student chooses. It is strongly encourage students choose the total access meal plan which covers unlimited meals in the cafeteria. There are 3 meals per day served during the week (Monday through Friday). On the weekends, there are only 2 meals per day served (brunch and dinner). But the cafeteria is open throughout the day. The cafeteria is designed buffet style, so students may eat as much as they desire.

The cafeteria is open on weekends but is closed on holidays. Therefore, students will need to make their own meal arrangements during those times. The total access meal plan also includes $200 in Dining Dollars that can be used in the Student Center Food Courts, Java City, Einstein’s Bagel Brothers, Starbucks, the C-Store or the Bear Express.

Will I have an American roommate?

When students applying for housing, if they choose the double room, they will most likely be paired with a full-time student roommate. However, in case of full capacity, GEP students may be placed with other international students.

Is it possible to change my roommate?

If students have any complaints about their roommates, they can contact Resident Advisor to ask for a change two weeks after the beginning of the semester.  Generally, GEP students do not need to pay extra fees to change rooms. However, GEP students need to pay corresponding costs if they move from a double occupancy room to a single room.

Can I stay in my room during Fall or Spring Break?

The campus will remain open during Fall and Spring Break. However, The UCA Housing office will charge for the residential housing for Fall and Spring Break. (Currently $20 per night for a double room). If it is decided that the campus will close, special arrangements must be made to stay in the apartments and a few residence halls that will remain open. If you stay in your dorm past the departure date at the end of the semester, you will see additional charges added to your student account.

Can I change my room?

Yes, you can request a room change after arriving at the UCA campus, but the room change is not guaranteed. The UCA Housing office will do its best to meet your request. However, the room change requests are not accepted in the first two weeks of semester. Our office will inform you when you can start to apply room change. In addition, there are some details you need to know about the room change:

  • There is no additional cost for changing to the same type of room.
  • If you request a private room, you will be charged extra.
  • Students under 21 are required to live in residential halls.
  • Students over 21 are expected to live in apartments.


Must I take Intensive English classes?

If you have not provide a qualifying English proficiency test score, you will take an English Placement test during orientation. Based on your score, you may be able to take a mixture of Intensive English and approved curricula. Students who meet the English proficiency requirement, will not take Intensive English Program courses. These students can take general UCA classes.

How long do the classes last?

Generally speaking academic courses at UCA last for one 16-week semester. The Intensive English Program (IEP) consists of two 8 week sessions (Fall I/Fall II and Spring I/Spring II).

Other Questions

Is transportation from the airport to UCA provided to students?

Yes. We will arrange to pick the students up at the Little Rock National Airport on the arrival date and bring them to campus. This service will only apply to Little Rock National Airport. We will not pick up students from other airports. There is no charge for this service within a given time period. Students must complete the arrival information form sent by our office in order to receive this free service.

Is there any orientation provided by UCA?

Yes. We will provide a thorough orientation during Global Welcome.  The orientation includes a variety of sessions that will inform students of student life, US culture, immigration requirements and much more. The CGLE International Students and Scholars Services staff will also schedule shopping trips and events throughout the orientation week.

What should I do if I arrive after orientation?

It is very important for you to make your arrangements to arrive to campus before orientation begins. However, if you must arrive after orientation, you should contact the International Student and Scholar Services Coordinator.

We cannot guarantee transportation from the airport for students arriving outside the recommended time frame, but please still submit the arrival information form to let us know you will be arriving late.

Can I transfer to UCA to study for degree?

GEP is a short term visiting program for partner universities’ students at UCA. It is not a degree-seeking program. Without GEP partner universities’ official approval, UCA may not be able to accept transfer applications from GEP students. In order for a student to transfer, UCA must receive official approval from the student’s home university. Then, student must apply as a degree seeking student, which will require obtaining a new visa (F-1).

Are there activities for International Students?

CGLE organizes on going shopping trips and activities. Each semester activities vary depending on student participation and holidays. We strongly encourage international students to become involved in student organizations and clubs on campus.