Housing Options

Our campus residences are more than buildings, they are living and learning centers. We have traditional residence halls, campus apartments, and family housing options to fit your different housing needs.

The campus is divided into three clusters. Each cluster has a professional staff member that supervises each of the buildings or apartments. Please visit our staff page to locate a staff member for your cluster. The clusters include the following halls or apartments:

Cluster 1 Classification Gender
Hughes Hall - Residential College Freshmen Male/Female
Arkansas Hall - STEM Residential College Freshmen Male/Female
Short/Denney Hall - STARS Residential College Freshmen Male/Female
State HallEdge Residential College Freshmen Male/Female
Farris Hall Upperclassmen Male/Female


Cluster 2 Classification Gender
Bear HallEPIC (4th floor, upperclassmen) Freshmen Male/Female
New Hall Upperclassmen Male/Female
Baridon Hall Freshmen and Sophomore Male/Female
Stadium Park Apartments Upperclassmen Male/Female
Western Heights Apartments Upperclassmen Male/Female
Bear Village Apartments Upperclassmen Male/Female


Cluster 3 Classification Gender
Bernard Hall Freshmen Male/Female
Carmichael Hall Freshmen Female Only
Conway Hall Freshmen Male/Female
Erbach Apartments Upperclassmen Male/Female
Oak Tree Apartments Upperclassmen Female Only
Torreyson Apartments Upperclassmen Male/Female
Baldridge Family Housing Apartments Families Male/Female