Room Changes

UCA Housing Room Change Policy:

Room Changes because of Conflict
Room changes are offered after the first week of class. In the case of a roommate conflict, the RA and/or RC may require mediation before a room change will be considered.

Room Changes because of Preference
– Residents who want to change their housing assignment within the same hall that they are currently assigned to need to visit with their Residence Coordinator.
– Residents who want to change their housing assignment to a different hall must contact the Housing Office through email.

Room Consolidations and Buyouts

Usually, after the first 10 days of classes, we will begin room consolidations and buyouts. This is after we have identified those students who did not show up and we had given assignments. If you had a roommate who was one of these students, you will be given the choice to either find another roommate or buy out the room. If you choose to buy the room out, you will be charged a fee to keep the room just to yourself. 

The Housing & Residence Life Office reserves the right to move students as necessary. If a student loses a roommate during the year, Housing reserves the right to assign another student to that space without prior notification. The University also has the right to relocate students at any time for any reason.