Farris Honors Hall


Farris Honors Hall offers a wonderful opportunity to interact with other students. It is an upperclassman honors hall offering the student an opportunity to build relationships through co-educational programs. Resident Assistants will live on your floor and interact with you on a personal level.

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Image; floor plan, four bedrooms, shared bathroom 9 foot by 15 foot living area, two 15 foot by 7 foot bedrooms, two 10 foot by 10 foot bedrooms

Included in Each Suite

4 single rooms
1 shared bathroom
Large pantry/storage space
Large shared refrigerator
Wardrobe with drawers
Desk with chair
Built in Closet
Internet access
Air conditioning/heating
Microwaves and mini-fridges are allowed in the rooms. 

Included in the Building

Shared kitchen
Vending machines
Wheelchair accessible
Furnished lobby
Landscaped courtyard
Laundry facilities

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you looked in the Student Handbook?

Student Handbook


Can you use bed risers? Yes, you may use bed risers. The highest permissible bed risers are 4 inches. UCA does not provide bed risers, but they are easily purchasable at many major retailers (Walmart, Amazon, Target, etc.)

Kitchen and Appliances

Can each resident have their own mini fridge? Yes! It is a maximum of 3.8 cubic feet, and no more than 1.5 amps of electricity per each mini fridge.
Can my student have a rice cooker, air fryer, toaster, crockpot, and other kitchen appliances? Yes, but can only be used in the kitchen area. Microwaves are permissible in Farris Hall.
Does the community kitchen have pots and pans available for use? No. Students are responsible to bring their own cooking utensils.
Can I have a coffee maker in my room? You can, but it can not have an open burner/heating element.

Internet and Technology

Can my student have a printer in their room? Students can have a printer in their room, however they can not use the wireless printing function on it, so they will need to plug their laptop into it when they need to print. Students will also have access to printers in the campus library and free printing in the SGA office.
Am I allowed to bring my own router for internet? No. No external internet sources are allowed in on campus housing.


Can we have wallpaper in our room? Posters, pictures, or other decorative items cannot cover more than 50% of the wall surface in your room/apartment for fire safety. 
Can we drill holes in the wall? No, you cannot drill holes in the wall, however, you can use command strips and sticky tack to secure items on the walls. 
Can my student have the wax warmers? Yes, they can. 

What to Bring to UCA!
Move-In Day Information

More Information

Should you have any additional questions concerning Farris Honors Hall, please contact the Department of Housing and Residence Life at (501) 450-3132, or stop by our office in Bernard hall Suite 201. Our normal operating hours are 8:00AM to 4:30PM, Monday through Friday.

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