MAT Provisional License Information

Students enrolled in the Master of Arts in Teaching program may qualify for a provisional license provided that certain requirements are met.

What is a provisional license?

A provisional license is a “temporary” license that lets a person teach as a teacher of record while completing the remaining requirements for a standard license.  If approved, the provisional license is effective for two years provided that eligibility requirements are maintained.

Note: Before you can initiate the process for a provisional license, you must have a job offer. 

To remain eligible for a provisional license, you must:
  • Be continually enrolled and in good standing in your program of study.
  • Maintain employment at the school for which the provisional license was issued.

What do I need to be eligible for a provisional license?

  1. If you did not receive your degree from UCA, submit official, undergraduate transcript(s) indicating bachelor’s degree completion to your MAT coordinator.  This copy is in addition to the one provided to the Graduate School for admission.
  2. Submit passing Praxis Core or GRE scores as determined by your program of study.  The College of Education Praxis recipient code is 6012.  When registering, be sure to send scores to 6012.
  3. Submit passing scores on the required Praxis subject assessment(s) for your content area.  See for information about Praxis requirements.
  4. Complete the background check process.  Background checks (both criminal history and child maltreatment) must be less than one year old at the time of licensing.  Go to for information about the background check process.
  5. Complete the mandatory professional development.  Go to for information about the professional development requirements.
For Special Education MAT students only.
  • Complete six (6) credit hours — ELSE 6300 SpEd 101 Academy and ELSE 6375 Practice of Teaching Diverse Learners (or a substitution approved by the SpEd MAT program coordinator).

How do I show a school district that I am eligible to be hired?

Once you have provided the documents above to your MAT program coordinator, you can request an eligibility letter.  To request a letter, click here.

What do I do now that I have met the eligibility requirements and have a job offer?

  • Complete the Provisional License Recommendation form available here.  Provide this form to your employer to verify your teaching assignment.
  • Complete the application for a teaching license available here.
  • Provide your MAT coordinator with the following documents:
    • Provisional License Recommendation form with employment verification
    • Application for teaching license
    • Official undergraduate transcript(s) (if not a UCA graduate)
    • Copy of your passing Praxis subject assessment score(s)
    • Completion certificates for professional development requirements

Your MAT coordinator will verify your eligibility to apply for a provisional license and will forward documents to the Office of Candidate Services.

Questions? Contact your MAT program coordinator

MAT – K-6, Middle, Secondary
Sunny Styles-Foster, Program Coordinator
Phone: (501) 852-2820
MAT – Special Education
Janet Filer, Program Coordinator
Phone: (501) 450-5462