2 + 2 Teacher Education Admission

Teacher education has two parts — your college degree and your teaching license.  In addition to completing the courses for your degree, teacher education has some additional requirements so that you can also earn your teaching license.

Continuing teacher education preparation at UCA after completing your 2 + 2 program can be a seamless transition.  The steps below will guide you from the beginning of your 2+2 program directly into UCA teacher education.

If you have questions or need assistance, use the form at the bottom of this page.


▢ Print Your 2+2 Program

  • Find your 2 + 2 program here.
  • Print this document and use it to guide you in your course selection.

▢ Create Your Application Account

  • Go to admissions.uca.edu/apply and create your account.  By doing so, you will be connected with UCA and receive valuable information and resources to help you with your transition.
  • Be sure to record your username and password so that you can continue to access your account.


▢ Foundation Coursework

  • These five courses (or approved equivalents) are considered foundational courses for teacher education and must be completed with a grade of “C” or better:
Associate's Degree CourseUCA Transfer CourseMinimum Grade
Freshman Composition IWRTG 1310C
Freshman Composition IIWRTG 1320C
Principles of CommunicationCOMM 1300C
Quantitative Literacy,
College Algebra, or above
MATH 1360
MATH 1390
Introduction to EducationEDUC 1300C


▢ Apply to UCA

▢ Apply to the UCA teacher education program.

  • In addition to applying to UCA, click here to complete the application for the teacher education program.
  • By email, we will confirm that we received your application and will reply with more information about your next steps.

▢ Complete your background check

  • Teacher education requires an approved background check in order to work with students in schools.  The background check that meets this requirement must follow the steps detailed at the site below. Background checks completed for other purposes generally do NOT count for teacher education.


Again, background checks completed for reasons other than for teacher education or licensing likely will NOT meet the admission requirement. Visit the site below to see if you have a background check that meets the admission requirement. If your previous background check is not recorded here, then it is does not meet this requirement.



Effective May 10, 2021, you are no longer required to submit ACT, Praxis, Accuplacer or other scores for the purpose of admission to teacher education.  This requirement has been removed from the admission process.


▢ Earn your Associate’s degree with a GPA of 2.70 or better.
▢ Send your final transcript (showing your completed degree) to UCA.


For teacher education or licensing, email garyb@uca.edu

For transfer questions or advising, email ucatransfer@uca.edu