Federal TEACH Grant

The Federal TEACH Grant is a grant program designed to recruit and retain qualified teachers into high need subject areas in low-income schools or educational service agencies. The TEACH Grant recipient is required to complete coursework to begin a career in teaching and agree to serve for a minimum of four years as a full-time, highly-qualified, high-need field teacher in a low-income school. If students awarded the TEACH Grant fail to meet any of the requirements, the grant will convert into a Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan, with interest accrued and capitalized from the date of original disbursement.

To receive a TEACH Grant, you must:

The amount of the awards will vary but will not exceed $4,000 per year. Due to sequestration, the maximum amount for 20/21 will be:

Grant disbursed prior to 10/1/20 (5.7% reduction) Graduate Enrollment Undergraduate Enrollment Annual Award Amount
Full Time 9 12 $3,772
Three-quarter Time 7-8 9-11 $2829
Half-time 5-6 6-8 $1,886
Less than half-time 1-4 1-5 $ 943

Please note that if the eligible student has already been awarded other federal, state, institutional or private aid, that aid may have to be reduced in order to receive TEACH Grant funding.

Application Process

  1. The student will complete the TEACH Grant entrance counseling at:  https://studentaid.gov/app/launchTeach.action
  2. The student will complete the online UCA Federal TEACH Grant Application, which will be received by the Office of Candidate Services (within the College of Education)
  3. The Office of Candidate Services will confirm academic eligibility and if eligible, will forward the application to the Office of Student Financial Aid
  4. The Office of Student Financial Aid will confirm packaging requirements and if eligible, will award the student TEACH Grant funds
  5. The student will log onto their myUCA Self Service account and will accept/decline the award
  6. If the award is accepted the Office of Student Financial Aid will submit the application to the U.S. Department of Education for approval
  7. Once approved, the student will complete the TEACH Grant Agreement to Serve at:  https://studentaid.gov/app/launchTeach.action
  8. Once the application is returned approved from the U.S. Department of Education, the funds will be ready for disbursement according to the standard disbursement schedule established for all financial aid funds

TEACH Grant Application