TEACH Grant Application

Do not submit this application until you have registered
for classes for the term in which you are requesting funding.

2022-2023 Shortage Areas

The TEACH Grant is available to those who are preparing to teach in one of the areas listed below and who are fully admitted in the corresponding program.  Shortage areas are evaluated each year.  If your program is not listed, you are not eligible to begin receiving TEACH Grant funds in the 2022-2023 academic year.

K-12 ArtBA, Art EducationMAT + License in K-12 Art
4-12 Computer ScienceBS, Computer Science + STEM Education MinorMAT + License in 4-12 Computer Science
K-12 ChineseBA, Chinese LicensureMAT + License in K-12 Chinese
K-12 FrenchBA, French LicensureMAT + License in K-12 French
K-12 SpanishBA, Spanish LicensureMAT + License in K-12 Spanish
K-12 MusicBME, Music (Instrumental or Vocal)MAT + License in K-12 Music (Instrumental or Vocal)
7-12 MathematicsBS, Mathematics + STEM Education MinorMAT + License in 7-12 Mathematics
7-12 BiologyBS, Biology + STEM Education MinorMAT + License in 7-12 Biology
7-12 ChemistryBS, Chemistry + STEM Education MinorMAT + License in 7-12 Chemistry
7-12 PhysicsBS, Physics + STEM Education MinorMAT + License in 7-12 Physics
K-12 Special EducationBSE, Special EducationMAT + License in K-12 Special Education
7-12 Social StudiesBSE, Social StudiesMAT + License in 7-12 Social Studies
Reading SpecialistNot available for undergraduatesMSE, Literacy with Dyslexia Endorsement

Eligibility Requirements

Before submitting this application, verify that you meet eligibility requirements to apply for the TEACH grant.

  • For undergraduates – Must be fully admitted to the UCA teacher education program
  • For MAT or MSE students – Must have full graduate school admission
  • For MAT students – passed the required Praxis subject area assessment(s)
  • Enrolled in one of the eligible licensure areas listed above
  • Have a current cumulative GPA of 3.25 or greater

TEACH Grant recipients are required to complete coursework to begin a career in teaching and agree to serve for a minimum of four years as a full-time, highly-qualified, high-need field teacher in a low-income school. If students awarded the TEACH Grant fail to meet any of the requirements, the grant will convert into a Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan, with interest accrued and capitalized from the date of original disbursement.

For more information about TEACH Grant eligibility and requirements contact the UCA Office of Student Financial Aid at (501) 450-3140.

By submitting this application, you affirm that you understand the requirements of the TEACH grant program