Early Field Experiences

Those who currently hold a valid Arkansas teaching license are not required to complete an additional background check before beginning a field experience.  The following information is for those candidates seeking an initial license.

Undergraduate & MAT Candidates Only

Prior to any field experience, undergraduate and MAT candidates must have a background check.  For early field experiences, candidates can use the StudentConnect system.  Information about this process is distributed in classes that require an early field experience.

This same system can be used for admission to the teacher education program.  For more information, see the Office of Candidate Services in Mashburn 119.

NOTE:  The StudentConnect background check is not valid for licensure.  For licensure, candidates must complete the full criminal history background check that is detailed here.

Initial License School Counseling Only

A preliminary background check is required before beginning any field experience (e.g. Practicum).  Those with a current teaching license may use the background check that they completed for licensure.  Initial license school counseling students should contact the School Counseling program coordinator for information about acceptable background checks.