Background Check Status

Do not assume background checks completed for other reasons meet the requirements for teacher education admission or licensure.

Only background checks completed following the process for Arkansas educators will appear in the licensure database.  If your background check is not recorded in the licensure database, then you must complete the process detailed here.

Is your background check approved?

Follow the steps below to verify that your background check has been approved.

STEP 1:  Login at

NOTE:  If you receive a message that says Account Does Not Exist when attempting to login in step 1 then either (a) you have not initiated the background check process or (b) there is a problem with your account.  If you need help accessing your account, note the contact information on the login page.

STEP 2:  Click on View current license information

STEP 3: Find the section labeled Non-Criminal Background Information (NCBC)

STEP 4:  Look at the three dates.

You have completed the background check process when “cleared dates” that are less than one year apart are recorded in the following boxes marked in green below:

  1. ASP Cleared Date
  2. FBI Cleared Date
  3. Central Registry Cleared Date

  • The ASP Cleared Date and FBI Cleared Date are entered after you have been fingerprinted.  If either date is missing a week after completing Part 2, contact Ms. Toney (information below) to have her check for a reason.
  • The date for Central Registry Cleared Date is from your child maltreatment central registry check form (Part 1).  If this date is missing 2-3 weeks after uploading and submitting your notarized form, contact DHS (information below).

STEP 5: Is your status “cleared”?

✅ ASP Cleared Date

✅ FBI Cleared Date

✅ Central Registry Cleared Date

When all three boxes have dates AND those dates are less than one year apart, your background check will be cleared.

Licensing Background Checks

All parts of your background check must be less than one year old at the time your license is issued.

For licensing, if any of the dates will be more than one year before your license will be issued, that part of the background check process must be repeated before you can get your license.

As a general rule, licenses are issued:

  • Fall Graduates/December graduation — Middle of January after graduation
  • Spring graduates/May graduation — Middle of June after graduation

Need Help or Have Questions?

If you have questions or need help after fingerprinting (ASP or FBI cleared dates), contact:

If you have questions or need help with the Central Registry, contact: