Endorsement Application

Use this application for graduate-level endorsement areas only.

To add an area to an existing teaching license:

  1. Log-on to the site below
  2. Select Add an area to my license
  3. Select By Program of Study
  4. Choose University of Central Arkansas as your Educator Preparation Program
  5. Choose your endorsement area and click Add Area.
  6. Continue through the application until you receive the message “Your application has been sent to your Educator Preparation Program Coordinator for approval.”

See the list below for the most common UCA endorsement areas. With the list showing, if you type the corresponding three-digit number, the list will jump to that area.


  • 258 – Special Education: K-12
  • 252 – Early Childhood SpEd Integrated: B-K
  • 287 – Reading: K-12 [For UCA’s Reading program also add 527 Dyslexia]
  • 527 – Dyslexia: K-12
  • 286 – Library Media Specialist: K-12
  • 288 – Guidance & Counseling: K-12
  • 289 – Gifted & Talented: K-12

The Office of Candidate Service will send your Praxis scores and your transcript to the Arkansas Department of Education.