Professional Development

To earn an initial educator license in Arkansas, candidates must complete professional development requirements as established by the Division of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Course IDCourse TitleHours
ERB21002Be the Reason: The Educator's Role in Combating Child Maltreatment2 hours
PIC14447The Six Components of Parental Involvement for Teachers2.5 hours
HWB15058Gatekeepers: Youth Suicide Prevention Awareness3 hours
HWG14003Dyslexia: A Three-Part Professional Awareness1 hour
ERB18063Human Trafficking: Arkansas Act 765 of 2017 - Arkansas Cases1 hour

Effective July 3, 2020, candidates must now complete a professional development module on human trafficking awareness (Ark. Code Ann. § 6-17-710).  All of the professional development requirements may be completed through the ArkansasIDEAS website.  To access this site, follow the link below.

On your first visit, create an account.  For more information about creating your account and using the ArkansasIDEAS portal, click here.

If you need assistance creating or accessing your account or enrolling in the required modules, contact the Arkansas IDEAS Help Desk.
Phone: (800) 488-6689

Click Here to Enter ArkansasIDEAS

NOTE:  If you created an account before June 1, 2015, you will need to create a new account.  You can request copies of certificates from the previous system (prior to June 1, 2015) from ArkansasIDEAS at

Upon successful completion of each module, print or save the certificate that indicates your name, the number of hours for the module, and the title of the module.

When to Complete Professional Development

  • Undergraduate candidates:  These certificates are due when specified by your field experience coordinator and should be submitted at that time, typically at an internship meeting early in the semester.
  • MAT candidates:  Submit these certificates as directed by the MAT coordinator.  All professional development requirements must be completed before applying for a provisional license or before the internship semester, whichever comes first.
  • Initial license graduate programs: (initial license school counseling, school psychology, and speech pathology) Submit these certificates with the license application at the completion of the program of study.  More information about initial license graduate programs is available here.

Professional Development Requirements for License Renewal

For license renewal, contact the Arkansas Department of Education.  Information about this process and the professional development requirements is available here.