Admission Requirements

The following information is for undergraduate programs only.  For information regarding the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) programs, follow the links below.

For transfer students completing a 2+2 program, go here for your teacher education admission information.

Gate 1: Approval To Enroll in Professional Education Courses

Candidates seeking admission into the teacher education program will initiate the process for admission in the Office of Candidate Services (OCS) in Mashburn 119 upon completion of minimum requirements mandated by the Arkansas Department of Education and the University of Central Arkansas. Full admission will not be granted to candidates enrolled in prerequisite courses until those courses are successfully completed. Admission is required for enrollment in designated upper division professional education courses.

The following minimum requirements must be met for admission to the teacher education program. Individual programs may have further requirements for admission.


Complete the application for admission to the College of Education teacher education program. Click here for the application.



Candidates applying for admission or participating in a field experience must have an approved background check. Background check forms will be distributed by the instructors in courses with a field component.  For more information, click here.


Complete the following courses (or approved equivalents) with a grade of “C” or better:

  • WRTG 1310 and WRTG 1320
  • COMM 1300
  • MATH 1360, MATH 1390, or above (Some majors require MATH 1390 or above.)
  • Introductory Education Course(s)
    • For Secondary, K-12, and Middle Level majors – EDUC 1300
    • For Elementary and Special Education majors – ELSE 2300
    • For STEM Education Minors – STEM 1100, STEM 1101, and STEM 1301


Demonstrate basic skills proficiency in all three areas.

  • READING:  Minimum ACT reading subscore of 19
  • MATHEMATICS:  Minimum ACT mathematics subscore of 19
  • WRITING:  Minimum ACT writing score of 6 on the 2-12 scale and taken since September 2016
    OR Minimum Praxis Core writing score of 162.

Effective fall 2018, only ACT (or SAT equivalent) scores can be used to meet requirements for reading and mathematics.  For writing, either the ACT writing or Praxis Core writing test may be used.

Passing Praxis Core scores earned before 09/01/2018 will continue to be accepted.  The minimum score for Praxis Core reading is 156.  The minimum score for Praxis Core mathematics is 150.

To register for the ACT, go to or contact the UCA Testing Center.  To register for the Praxis Core writing test, click here.


After a minimum of 45 credit hours (with at least 12 hours from UCA)

  • Minimum 2.70 cumulative GPA on all coursework attempted
  • Minimum 2.50 cumulative GPA with a 3.0 or better in the last 30 credit hours.


Receive a satisfactory candidate review, which may include candidate interview, faculty recommendations, or other measures to determine the candidate’s dispositional and academic readiness for the teacher education program.


Recommended Admission Deadlines

To be able to enroll in upper division professional education courses during the early registration period, candidates should note the following deadlines:
  • To participate in the early registration period for spring semester — Fulfill requirements #1-5 no later than October 1 of the preceding fall semester.
  • To participate in the early registration period for the fall semester — Fulfill requirements #1-5 no later than March 1 of the preceding spring semester.