Testing Information

When registering for any Praxis exam, you must indicate that your scores should be sent to UCA. Select the option with code 6012  to send scores to the UCA Office of Candidate Services.  UCA’s Speech Language Pathology program (SLP/AUD) also uses the Praxis exams. Don’t mistakenly send your scores to that program.  Be sure you select the proper code.

Arkansas does not have an 8-digit state ID. Leave this field blank when registering for a test. If you enter a code or any text in the 8-digit field, you will not be able to continue with registration. Later in the registration process, you will select your score report recipients.

Praxis requirements vary from state to state.  Be sure to register for the tests required for Arkansas. Click here for the Arkansas Praxis requirements.

Praxis Subject Assessment Requirements

These tests are taken BEFORE the final internship semester.
(Special education and elementary candidates can take the Pearson Foundations of Reading test DURING the internship semester.)

K-6 ElementaryPraxis 5001 Elementary: Multiple Subjects
■ Praxis 5002 Reading & Lang Arts Subtest141
■ Praxis 5003 Mathematics Subtest136
■ Praxis 5004 Social Studies Subtest137
■ Praxis 5005 Science Subtest139
Pearson Foundations of Reading (SA190)n/a233
4-8 ML EnglishPraxis 5047 Middle School English153
4-8 ML MathematicsPraxis 5164 Middle School Mathematics
4-8 ML SciencePraxis 5442 Middle School Science140
4-8 ML Social StudiesPraxis 5089 Middle School Social Studies139149
7-12 EnglishPraxis 5038 English Language Arts: Content Knowledge155
7-12 Social StudiesPraxis 5081 Social Studies: Content Knowledge145155
7-12 MathematicsPraxis 5165 Mathematics: Content Knowledge143
7-12 Life Science/BiologyPraxis 5236 Biology142
7-12 Chemistry
Praxis 5246 Chemistry133
7-12 PhysicsPraxis 5266 Physics133
7-12 Fam & Cons SciPraxis 5122 Family and Consumer Sciences140
K-12 Special EducationPraxis 5354 Special Education: Core Knowledge & Applications138
Praxis 5511 Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge138148
Pearson Foundations of Reading (SA190)n/a233
K-12 ArtPraxis 5134 Art Content Knowledge145
K-12 Instrumental MusicTo license in BOTH vocal and instrumental music
Praxis 5113 Music: Content Knowledge152
OR To license in instrumental music only
Praxis 5115 Music: Instrumental and General Knowledge138
K-12 Vocal MusicTo license in BOTH vocal and instrumental music
Praxis 5113 Music: Content Knowledge152
OR To license in vocal music only
Praxis 5116 Music: Vocal and General Knowledge140
K-12 PE/HealthPraxis 5857 Health and PE: Content Knowledge149
K-12 Chinese (Mandarin)Praxis 5665 Chinese: World Language152
K-12 SpanishPraxis 5195 Spanish: World Language156
K-12 FrenchPraxis 5174 French: World Language149
4-12 Computer SciencePraxis 5652 Computer Science135

Praxis Pedagogy/PLT Requirements

The Praxis PLT is no longer required for initial licensing. 

It is required for some endorsement areas such as coaching, dyslexia, and instructional facilitator. Do NOT take the PLT unless you are completing one of these endorsement areas or are directed to do so.

Early ChildhoodPraxis 5621 PLT: Early Childhood157
K-6 ElementaryPraxis 5622 PLT: Grades K-6160
4-8 Middle LevelPraxis 5623 PLT: Grades 5-9160
7-12 SecondaryPraxis 5624 PLT: Grades 7-12157
World LanguagesPraxis 5841 World Languages Pedagogy158

Praxis Registration

To register for a Praxis exam, click here.

Praxis Fee Waivers

A limited number of fee waivers are available through ETS for those who meet eligibility requirements.  More information is available here.  Contact the UCA Office of Student Financial Aid for eligibility verification.

Foundations of Reading Exam

For K-6 Elementary & K-12 Special Education Only

For study materials or to register for the Foundations of Reading exam, click here.