Online Educator License Application

This information is for initial, first-time licenses only.  To add an area to your license, go here.

STOP!  Is it time to submit this application? Do NOT submit this application until you have applied for your degree or before the dates below. Applications submitted early may be deleted.

  • For spring semester graduates, do not submit before MARCH 1.
  • For summer graduates, do not submit before JUNE 1.
  • For fall semester graduates, do not submit before OCTOBER 1.

Before beginning this application, you must be prepared to pay the $75.00 initial license fee.  You will not be able to submit your license application without entering your payment information.  Have your credit/debit card ready.

Log-on at

  • Select Apply for a Standard License
  • Select First-time Licensure (recent graduate from an Arkansas institution)
    • Do not select any of the other options – even if they seem to apply to your situation.
    • Even if you are an MAT candidate converting a provisional license to a standard, you must still select First-time Licensure (recent graduate from an Arkansas institution).
  • Select University of Central Arkansas

Complete the information requested on the pages that follow.

Part 1 – Background Check Information

  • The system may skip this section if your background checks are current and approved.
  • If the system does not indicate your background checks are completed, mark yes to indicate each is completed.
  • Tick the box to indicate that you acknowledge that all coursework must be documented by providing original college transcripts.
  • We will transmit your final transcript as soon as they are available.  You do NOT need to request a transcript for your teaching license.
  • Click Continue.

Part 2 – Profile Information

  • Review your profile information.  Use the Update button if you need to make changes.  Be sure to click Save if you make changes.
  • In the Contact section, you must have a current mailing address and at least one primary email and one primary phone number.
  • Update your employment information if necessary.
  • Tick the box to indicate all information is correct.
  • Click Continue.

Part 3 – Application Information

  • Complete the application information by accurately responding to the questions.
  • Type your first and last name to serve as your electronic signature.
  • Click Submit.

Part 4 – Fee Payment

  • If your fee is already paid, the system will indicate that no fee is necessary.
  • If prompted, click Make Payment and enter your payment information.
  • Click Confirm, review your information, and click SUBMIT.
  • Print receipt.
  • Click Continue License Application.

Continue until you receive a notice that your application has been submitted.