There are Federal Loan and Private Loan options.  See below for more information.

Federal Direct Student Loans (Subsidized, Unsubsidized, PLUS Loans)

We’ve teamed up with Solutions at ECMC to answer all of your student loan repayment questions. Solutions is a service of the non-profit organization ECMC and is dedicated to helping students manage educational loans. Their resources are available to you free of charge. Contact a Solutions Student Loan Repayment Advisor, via email or web chat, or call them at 1-877-331-3262.

Federal Student Loans require the student to be enrolled at least half-time in coursework required for the degree program.  Please see the chart below for the definition of half-time enrollment.

Credit HoursUndergraduate Students
(1000-4000 level courses)
Graduate Students
(5000-6000 level courses)
Full Time129+ hours
3/4 Time9-117-8 hours
1/2 Time6-85-6 hours
Less than 1/2 Time1-51-4 hours

Private or Alternative Loan Lender Information