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College Costs

Student Accounts Tuition and Fee Calculator: 

The UCA Student Accounts Office offers a Tuition and Fees Calculator to provide students with an estimate of direct charges. Direct charges include those costs directly charged by UCA such as tuition and fees and room and meals for students living on campus.

Policies regarding changes in residency status are determined by the Office of the Registrar:

Out-of-State Tuition Scholarship/Waiver information may be found on the UCA Student Accounts website at:

Net Price Calculator:

The UCA Net Price Calculator helps families plan for all educational costs.  The Net Price Calculator estimates direct and indirect costs.  Indirect costs include those expenses a student might incur for transportation and other personal expenses such as clothes, cleaning supplies, etc.  In addition, the Net Price Calculator provides an estimate of the type and amount of institutional, state and federal aid a student might receive.

UCA College Cost and Budget Worksheet:

The UCA College Cost and Budget Worksheet gives you an opportunity to create a budget for both direct and indirect college costs.

Federal Financial Aid Cost of Attendance:

A student’s Cost of Attendance (COA), also referred to as the student’s budget, is an estimated amount that it will cost to attend school. It is determined using rules established by federal and state laws. This number is used by the school to determine the maximum amount of financial aid (loans, grants, scholarships, fee-waivers, etc.) a student can receive for that award year. For more information see the Cost of Attendance page.

2021/2022 Cost of Attendance

Books and Supplies:

Although not a direct charge placed on the student’s bill, required books and supplies can be a significant expense. Nationwide, average books and supplies are $600 per full time semester. This cost may be reduced if you purchase used books or rent books.

If your financial aid is sufficient to pay your direct costs to UCA (tuition/fees and on campus room/meals) and funds remain, you may charge your books at the UCA Bookstore or receive funds to purchase them off campus prior to the start of the term. Please see the Student Accounts website for their policies relative to charging books.