Work Study Employment (Federal & Institutional)

Work Study Employment (Federal & Institutional)

Procedure Front Line Student Worker Hiring-Termination

Federal Work Study
The Federal Work Study program provides students with the opportunity to work in departments on campus. In order for the department to use this money for student worker salaries the students they hire must qualify for and be awarded need based Federal Work Study funds.

It is important to complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) early and indicate that you are interested in receiving Federal Work Study. Once awarded, students can check their financial aid using the myUCA Self-Service portal to see if they were awarded Federal Work Study funds. If you are not sure whether you are eligible, you should contact or visit the Student Financial Aid Office to determine if you qualify.

Institutional Work Study
Some departments on campus hire students and use institutional funds to pay their salaries. These positions are based simply on the availability of funds in each department and do not depend on any financial need. Students qualifying for Federal Work Study can also be hired and paid out of institutional funds at the department’s discretion.

Finding Work Study Jobs
All students who desire to work on campus are encouraged to find a job promptly. You may begin searching for a job at your convenience but you cannot be hired under the Federal Work Study program until your eligibility is determined. Departments typically fill vacant positions shortly before the beginning of the term. Those interested in working during the fall semester should begin searching immediately after the end of the spring semester and/or throughout the Summer. In general, begin and continue searching one semester before you would like to begin work.

The UCA Career Services Center uses Handshake for students to view Federal Work Study and Institutional Work Study jobs currently available.  To view job posting you must create a Handshake account!  Visit to create your account and to begin viewing part-time, internship, and on-campus positions.  Please note that this list is not comprehensive and students are advised to contact departments directly to inquire about available positions.  Spending a few hours on campus searching for a job significantly increases your chances of being hired.

Work Study Employment Terms & Conditions

  • A student may work no more than 1,500 hours in a year (July 1 through June 30)
  • A student may not work during a scheduled class time.
  • As a student worker you are responsible for performing your assigned duties to the best of your ability.
  • You must be present for work during your scheduled times and report time worked accurately and promptly as required by the Department of Human Resources.
  • Students should not expect to be able or allowed to study while at work. This will vary depending on the specific job.
  • Departments may have specific requirements and needs that you should be prepared to accept before employment.
  • Student workers must complete all necessary forms required by the hiring department and the Department of Human Resources before employment begins.
  • Effective March 1, 2010, UCA implemented Arkansas Code 21-5-109 requiring direct deposit as a condition of employment.  The Direct Deposit policy includes part-time employees, graduate assistants, and student workers.

**Please note that the 20 hour rule (while enrolled) for International Students is still in place.  This is a federal law and not complying could result in the student losing their visa status.