Awarding/Packaging Process

Awarding/Packaging refers to the process of determining the type and amount of financial assistance the student is eligible to receive from one or more sources.  his is a general description of that process.

Disbursement of Financial Aid

Financial Aid is coordinated by the Office of Student Financial Aid but it is disbursed by the Student Accounts Office.  Once the student’s charges are paid in full for the term, any excess aid is disbursed to the student.

Special/Unusual Circumstances

Federal financial aid is based on definitions and formula determined by the U.S. Department of Education.  If one of the following scenario applies to the student, the student may speak with a financial aid counselor to determine if their financial aid eligibility may be recalculated to consider the unusual circumstance. There are two separate forms based on dependency.

Please note that a request for consideration of a special/unusual circumstance does not guarantee approval.  In addition, even if approved, a recalculation does not always result in increased eligibility for the student.