Steps for Applying for Aid

You need to be academically prepared to attend college but you also need to be financially prepared.  Applying for financial assistance as soon as you are admitted is the first step in financial preparedness.

1)  Apply for Admission

The first step in applying for any type of financial aid is to apply for admission to UCA.  For more information about admission, visit the UCA Admissions website. Once admitted, you will receive an admission letter which will also contain the user ID and password necessary to log into the UCA self service portal called “myUCA“.  myUCA is the internet location where you can see the status of your financial aid application.  If you need help accessing your financial aid myUCA account, let us know and we will walk you through it.

2)  Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

The FAFSA is required to apply for federal aid, state aid, and some institutional and private aid programs.  You might wonder why it is required to apply for some scholarships.  The simple answer is that many families do not realize the types of aid for which they are eligible.  To ensure that families know and understand all of their options, it is important to complete the FAFSA and let us tell you the options available to you.  In addition, some aid is “need based”.  This means that some, but not all financial aid is based on the income and asset information of your family.  The FAFSA collects the information needed to determine that need.

  • You must submit your application electronically via FAFSA on the Web.
  • UCA’s School Code is 001092.

3)  Research Scholarships and Grant Opportunities

UCA and other private companies, agencies, and organizations offer scholarships and grant opportunities.  We recommend that you research availability and deadlines through institutional, state, and private sources.

4)  Release of Information

UCA is committed to protecting your privacy and securing your information.  Students are encouraged to fill out the Release of Information form.  This allows the parent, spouse or anyone else listed, permission to speak with the Financial Aid Staff.

5)  Complete Your UCA Federal Financial Aid File

Once your FAFSA is received by UCA, you will be notified by email if any additional documentation is required. This information can easily be found on your myUCA Self Service Financial Aid record.  Your UCA cub account is the official email that we use to communicate with you.  If we have a personal email on file for you, we will also send an email to that address.

6)  Eligibility Determined and Awards Processed

Institutional Academic Scholarships:  Your admission application serves as your application for institutional academic scholarships.  Please use this link to learn more about scholarship eligibility and deadlines.

Other Institutional Scholarships:  In addition to academic scholarships, UCA has departmental, athletic, participation and need based scholarship opportunities.

State (ADHE) Scholarships:  Students who apply for the Arkansas Department of Higher Education Scholarship Programs must complete the YOUniversal application.  ADHE will notify the student directly.

Federal Aid:  When your federal aid application is complete your eligibility for federal aid programs will automatically be determined and you will be offered the federal aid for which you are eligible.

7)  Review Your Eligibility

As your eligibility for institutional, state, private and federal aid eligibility is determined, any funding for which you are eligible and UCA has been notified, will be posted on your myUCA Financial Aid account.  Some aid will be posted on your behalf as accepted (scholarships and grants) and some aid will need to be accepted or declined by you.

If you haven’t already, this is a good time to review the cost of attending UCA (tuition/fees, room/meals, books) to determine if the financial aid for which you are eligible is enough to pay your direct expenses.  If not, you will need to continue to save money to pay those expenses or set up a payment plan with the Student Accounts Office to pay the remaining amount over time.