Completing the Financial Aid File

Log on to the UCA Self-Service site through myUCA and review the status of your financial aid application.  As you submit the additional information/documentation, we will review each item and update your myUCA account within 5-7 days.  It is critical that you submit all information as soon as possible.



  • Log onto your myUCA account
  • Click on the Self Service tab
  • Click the Financial Aid tab
  • Click on Eligibility
  • Click on Student Requirements
  • Choose the appropriate aid year for which you are trying to view from the drop down box
  • Needed requirements will be displayed

The forms needed to complete your file may be obtained in your myUCA account. You will notice an optional “Release Form”. If you wish to allow us to speak with others about your financial aid and student account information (parents, spouse, others), you will need to complete this document. You will only be required to complete the release once unless you choose to update it.


The Federal Government randomly chooses some FAFSA applications for a process called Verification. This means there is certain information on the FAFSA we are now required to verify.  This process requires additional information to be provided to our office.  To find out more information about what Verification means, click here.



  • Log onto your myUCA account and click on the Self Service
  • Click the Financial Aid tab
  • Click on Award
  • Click on Award for Aid Year
  • Choose the appropriate aid year for which you are trying to view from the drop down box
  • Click on the Accept Award Offer tab to review the aid offer

To learn more about how to better understand your award, please review the Aid Notification Guide.



Rest assured we have a number of policies in place to ensure your application material is secure:

  • If you come into the office, you must have a photo id to show to the staff assisting you.  We highly encourage you to wear a mask inside the building.
  • If you phone the office, we will ask you to provide information that will assist us in ensuring we are speaking with you or individuals with whom you have given us permission to speak.
  • We will not email or fax personally identifiable information to you.
  • The most secure means of providing information to us is to hand deliver requested documentation to our office or upload it through our secure link on our website under the Forms tab: Click here for the Secure Upload Tool.