Ethics Training for MAT Provisional Licenses

Beginning in the fall 2018 semester, MAT candidates who will teach on a provisional license for the first time must complete professional ethics training before the provisional license will be issued.

To begin, read and understand the Rules Governing the Code of Ethics for Arkansas Educators available here.  Then, complete the two parts below.  Submit the completion certificates with the verification form at the bottom of this page with your provisional license application.

Part I – Professional Ethics

Complete one of these options:

Option 1
College of Education ethics training modules
Online modules designed to introduce candidates to the ethics that guide the teaching profession
Available in the Blackboard MAT community portal
No cost

Option 2
The ProEthica Program
An online professional development program based on the national Model Code of Ethics for Educators
Available by registering here.
Cost:  $50.00




Part II – Arkansas Code of Ethics

Complete the The Arkansas Code of Ethics training through ArkansasIDEAS.

  • Login or create your account at
  • Select the Find Learning tab and search for ERC18064
  • The module title is Professional Licensure Standards Board (PLSB) – The Code of Ethics Training Video (2017)
  • For help with ArkansasIDEAS, select the Help tab.

Verification Form

After you have completed Part I and Part II, download this document and complete the information.

Submit the following with your provisional license recommendation form:

  • Completion certificate from Part I
  • Completion certificate from Part II
  • Signed, verification form