Health Insurance

All international students at UCA are required to purchase health insurance meeting certain criteria. UCA offers an insurance plan designed for international students through Lewermark Student Insurance. Students are automatically enrolled for insurance with Lewermark when they arrive for their first semester.

Post-completion OPT or CPT students can enroll in Lewermark Student Insurance if they contact International Engagement with payment before the second week of class each semester. Coverage is neither mandatory nor automatic for students on OPT or post-completion CPT. Our insurance plan does not cover dependents. However, you can access a plan for your dependents here.

Lewermark Student Insurance

Overview of the Policy

  • $116.83 premium per month, billed in full at the beginning of each semester for the entirety of the semester
  • Covers accidents and sickness up to $250,000
  • $100 deductible per policy year
  • Policy year runs from August 1 – July 31
  • Students are re-enrolled each semester.
  • Includes 2 doses of MMR and T-Spot test for incoming students if receiving from the Student Health Clinic.
  • Certain medical procedures or treatments may require prior authorization
  • Pre-existing conditions waiting period is 6 months
  • Claims must be filed within 90 days of the accident or illness
  • The default address for students is 201 Donaghey S Ave, McCastlain Hall Ste 109, Conway, AR 72035. Students must update contact information to receive mail at their correct address
  • For full details of your plan, please visit
  • For assistance, contact the Office of International Engagement at


Fall semester insurance covers students from August 1 to December 31.
Spring Semester insurance will cover students from January 1-July 31.

This gives students 12 months of total coverage and prevents gaps in insurance during the summer. Only students participating in an exchange are eligible for 5 months of coverage in the spring. Students who submit no documentation of alternative coverage or do not belong to an exempt category will be automatically charged insurance on their student account. This charge will not be removed if the policy is submitted after the deadline.

Medical Insurance Waiver

Students may request to use an alternate insurance policy. To request a waiver of Lewermark Insurance, students must demonstrate that they have comparable insurance coverage each semester. To petition for a waiver, students must follow the procedures outlined below.  For questions regarding these procedures, please contact the International Student Services Coordinator in the International Engagement Office. The deadline to request a waiver is two weeks after the first day of class.

Eligible Plans:  A plan from your home country or a family member working for a U.S. employer with insurance would be eligible. Waivers are not acceptable for individual plans purchased in the U.S.

Waiver Procedure:

  • Students should complete the second page of LewerMark Insurance Waiver Request Form and email it, along with a copy of their insurance policy, to the International Student Services Coordinator at the Office of International Engagement. The coordinator will forward Waiver Requests to Lewermark.
  • Lewermark staff will consider an insurance waiver request which includes (1) a completed waiver request form and (2) a copy of the alternate insurance policy. A decision to grant a waiver will be decided within one week after the waiver is received by Lewermark. Waiver request decisions are final.
  • Students who receive a waiver will be notified by email and will have the insurance charge removed from their account.

Eligible Alternative Insurance Policies:

A plan from a student’s home country, or a plan purchased by a family member working for a U.S. employer would be eligible. Waivers are not acceptable for individual plans purchased in the U.S.

Along with this Waiver Request form, students must provide documentation that the alternative insurance policy meets the following coverage requirements in order to have a waiver request accepted:

  • Be written in English
  • Be converted to U.S. dollar values
  • Provide comparable coverage per year to the amount of US$250,000 annual coverage.
  • Have a deductible not greater than US$500 per condition
  • Provide at least US$25,000 for repatriation
  • Provide at least US$25,000 for medical evacuation
  • Provide continuous coverage during academic semesters and University breaks and vacation periods (including Winter break, J-term and summer break)

    Note: GEP students are not eligible to waive their insurance coverage.

Submitting Proof of Alternative Coverage

To apply for an insurance waiver, students must fill out a LewerMark Insurance Waiver Request Form and submit a copy of their current medical insurance policy. This policy should meet the criteria above and must be received before the deadline of two weeks after the first day of class. The policy must be in English or with English translation and cover the entire semester. If the policy on file with International Engagement is out of date or below the requirements listed above, it is the student’s responsibility to update their coverage and submit this information. Students with an out of date policy will be charged for Lewermark Student Insurance for the semester.