Health Insurance Policies and Information

Per UCA Board Policy 635, all international students must be covered by an approved health insurance plan while enrolled in classes at the university. Students staying in university housing over the summer must also maintain insurance coverage even if they are not taking classes:

UCA Board Policy 635: International students (non-resident aliens) will be charged on amount sufficient to cover mandatory health insurance coverage during their status as students at the university, inclusive of holiday and vacation periods.

The University of Central Arkansas has contracted with LewerMark Student Insurance to provide a health insurance plan that meets mandatory requirements for international students. New students are automatically enrolled in this plan when they arrive on campus for their first semester of classes. Students may submit proof of comparable alternative insurance coverage that meets the mandatory requirements before beginning their program of study at UCA. Please click here for more information regarding alternate insurance.

Insurance Enrollment Periods

  • Fall Semester Enrollment: August 1-December 31
  • Spring Semester Enrollment: January 1-May 31
  • Summer Semester Enrollment: June 1-July 31

Students’ insurance plans must cover them for the entire enrollment period where they are taking classes or living in UCA housing. For example, students enrolled in Summer II classes must have insurance coverage from June 1-July 31. The University of Central Arkansas strongly recommends that students have insurance for the entirety of their stay in the United States, whether they are taking classes or not. Healthcare can be very expensive in the Unites States, and even a brief gap in insurance coverage can lead to higher healthcare costs, due, for example, to limitations for coverage of pre-existing conditions.

Pre-Existing Conditions Limitation

Students who do not maintain continuous insurance coverage from January 1-December 31 should consider that LewerMark will only provide $2,500 in coverage for any illness or injury determined to be a pre-existing condition, rather than $100,000 after six months of continuous coverage.

Maintaining Continuous Coverage

Students using LewerMark insurance who wish to continue their coverage over the summer even when not enrolled nor living in university housing will need to contact Tyler Copeland ( to maintain their health insurance. Students who do continue their coverage will have the insurance fee for the summer placed on their student account. As a reminder, the option to not have insurance is only available to students who are not taking classes or living on campus during the summer semester. Students who are enrolled in classes or are leaving on campus are required to have insurance during these periods.

Further Insurance Information:

LewerMark Student Insurance

UCA’s insurance provider is LewerMark insurance. For more details on what this insurance covers, how to access your insurance card, and the full list of services offered, please click here.

Alternate Insurance Coverage

International students can use alternate insurance plans if they meet the mandatory requirements and are approved by the Office of International Engagement. Visit this page for more information on the mandatory requirements for alternate insurance plan.

Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

American healthcare and insurance can be a confusing topic! Please our FAQ page for more information on insurance terms and policies.