UCA Health Insurance & Health Care Information

Per UCA Board Policy 635, all F-1 and J-1 international students are required to be covered by an approved health insurance plan while enrolled in classes at the University of Central Arkansas. This requirement also extends to students who are not enrolled in classes but live in UCA housing during the summer semesters.

UCA Board Policy 635: International students (non-resident aliens) will be charged on amount sufficient to cover mandatory health insurance coverage during their status as students at the university, inclusive of holiday and vacation periods.

Students are required to have insurance for the below periods at the corresponding rates. Please note that while the Summer Semester Enrollment is only required for students enrolled in classes or living in UCA housing during that period, any student may request to remain on the insurance during this time.

  • Fall Semester Enrollment: August 1-December 31; $557.40
  • Spring Semester Enrollment: January 1-July 31:¬† $780.36

LewerMark Student Insurance:

The Office of International Engagement has partnered with the Lewer Agency to provide quality health insurance for our students. For more information on this plan, please visit the UCA portal on LewerMark’s website, or continue on to this section of the our website. Students on this plan can see how to access their insurance card here.

Please note: The UCA insurance plan does not cover:

  • Dependents for F-1 or J-1 students. See alternative options for dependents at the bottom of this page.
  • Dental or Vision. Students will have to pay out of pocket for any dental or vision services they need.

UCA Campus Health Services

The University of Central Arkansas offers a wide range of health services for our students. Learn more about these options here.

Local Healthcare Options

In the event of emergencies, a list of local urgent care centers accepting LewerMark insurance can be found here. Students can also use LewerMark’s Search for a Doctor database.

Alternate Insurance Coverage

International students can use alternate insurance plans if they meet the mandatory requirements and are approved by the Office of International Engagement. Visit this page for more information on the mandatory requirements for alternate insurance plan.

Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

American healthcare and insurance can be a confusing topic! Please our FAQ page for more information on insurance terms and policies.