Steps for Obtaining Your Arkansas Drivers License

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1. Study the Arkansas Driver’s Manual

Study the Arkansas Driver’s Manual. This explains all the traffic laws and regulations of the state of Arkansas. You can pick this up at the Arkansas Revenue Office on 2455 Washington Avenue. It can also be downloaded here.

2. Written Driver’s Test

Study the manual and take the written portion of the drivers test. You can take several practice tests at:

The written test is offered Monday and Tuesday mornings beginning 8:00am and 10:30am at the Faulkner County Library on 1900 Tyler St. Bring your passport, I-94, I-20 and foreign drivers license. If you do not pass the written test, you may take it again as many times as you would like. It is not unusual for people to fail the written test on the first attempt.

3. Learner’s Permit

If you pass the written test, you will be given a Learner’s Permit. This will allow you to drive with another licensed driver over the age of 21 in the vehicle with you. You do not have per mission to drive alone yet. You will keep this permit for a minimum of 30 days.

4. Driving Test

After 30 days from the date you received your learner’s permit, you must return to the Faulkner County Library to take a driving test. You will be asked to drive a short distance with an evaluator in the car with you. The driving test is give at 12pm to 2:30pm on Mondays and Tuesdays at the Faulkner County Library. Do not be late. Only the first 30 people can take the test each day. Do not drive to the library by yourself. Before you pass the driving test, you are not allowed to drive alone. You must have a friend drive you there so that you will be able to drive his or her car for the test. The friend must show proof of ownership of the vehicle and proof of current automobile insurance and the car must be clean.

5. Arkansas Drivers License

When you pass the driving portion of the test, you will return to the Arkansas Revenue Department where you will receive your Arkansas driver’s license! Be sure to bring your passport, I-20 and I-94 when you go. You will then be legally allowed to drive anywhere in the US at any time. A drivers license does not give you authorization to work off-campus.
For more information, see the handout Auto Insurance and Vehicle Registration.