UCA International Students Volunteer for Pitza42’s Mobliepack

IMG_3331 On Thursday, April 4th, International Engagement participated in the Pitza 42 Mobilepack.   Pitza 42 is a local restaurant with a vision to help feed starving children around the world.  Every time a meal is purchased at Pitza 42, a meal is sent to a starving child.  Through the meals purchased at Pitza 42, the Conway community raised 544,320 meals to be sent to children around the globe.  The purpose of the 2014 Mobilepack event was to pack those meals for shipping. The UCA international students that participated spent two hours making Mannapacks.  They scooped ingredients, filled and sealed bags, and boxed them up for shipping to orphanages in Zambia and Swaziland.  The students had a great time working alongside other members of the Conway community. “We had a great time there,” said Harry Yige Wang, a UCA international student from China, “Every time when we think about helping IMG_3169to feed those kids, we always feed ourselves with happiness.”

This volunteer effort is part of UCA International Engagement’s “Bears without Borders” program. If other organizations are interested in having UCA international students volunteer for their events, they should contact Casey Jackson-Aceituno at caceituno@uca.edu.