Rwanda Presidential Scholar attend Neil DeGrasse Tyson Lecture with the UCA Physics Club

UCA International Student and Rwanda Presidential Scholar, Gerard Bambi Munyazikwiye attended the lecture of Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson with the UCA Physics Club.

Munyazikwiye said of the lecture, “I was not only fascinated by his amazing astrophysics discoveries or his jokes, but also his philosophy towards life outside of science especially in education.”

Munyazikwiye is one of many international students in the department of Physics and Astronomy. “International student involvement is valued in the Physics and Astronomy department at UCA. Our students work together collaboratively on course and laboratory work so different perspectives and skill sets are welcomed by faculty and students alike. We encourage our students to work with faculty on research projects that get the student noticed by professional schools and industries,” Dr. Will Slaton, faculty advisor to the UCA Physics Club.



Munyazikwiye pictured in the back row second on the right.