Senior Adviser of UNWomen, Ana María Salazar, to Speak at UCA

Ana Maria SalazarAna María Salazar, Senior Adviser of UNWomen in New York will speak at the UCA “Leaders of the World” conference on Monday, March 3 at 4:30pm in the Fireplace Room of McCastlain hall.

Her lecture is entitled “The Role of the United Nations and the Promotion of Gender Equality.”

Ana María Salazar graduated Cum Laude Doctor in Political Science and Sociology, Law Graduate by University Complutense of Madrid, European MBA by the École des Affaires and worked as an expert in European Communities for the Diplomatic School of Madrid, Expert in National Defense (CESEDEN, Superior Centre of National Defense Studies) and Diplomat in Training Trainers in Social Corporate Responsibility by University of Buenos Aires, PNUD (Spanish Fund of the United Nations).

Throughout her professional career, she has combined law with holding high level posts in public administrations such as Director General of Tourism in Castilla La Mancha (1992-1995) and Manager of the Official School of Tourism in Spain of the Ministry of Economy (1995-2000).

As an expert in international relations, she has led many projects of cooperation for development in institutional strengthening, gender policies, governance and economic empowerment of women through tourism. In June 2011 she received the Women Together award at the UN headquarters in New York, as recognition for her professional career within the fields of public life and teaching. Particularly, for her excellent work regarding women’s empowerment in developing countries.

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