Conversation Partners

Conversation Partners is a program open to anyone, Americans or international students, interested in learning about culture and communication between cultures. Having a conversation partner is a good way to meet an American in a relaxed environment to practice listening and speaking English and learn about American culture.

For Americans or native English speakers:

Having a conversation partner is a good way to help an international student adjust to life at UCA while learning about a country and culture you may not be familiar with.


Conversation Partners is a volunteer program that asks for a commitment of meeting at least one hour a week for informal conversation with your partner. The commitment is for one semester, but many students in the program choose to continue being partners for the following semesters.

Ideas for Meetings:

The program is based around individual schedules so that partners can coordinate the best times to meet during the week. For example, partners could meet for lunch or a cup of coffee, study together, invite each other over for dinner, play sports at the HPER Center, go to a movie, etc. Throughout the semester, there will be CGLE-sponsored activities that American conversation partners are welcome to attend.

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