Master’s Theses


Mehmet Alpaydin, Mole Detection and Tracking Platform for Total Body Photography (Supervisor: Dr. Kockara)

Garrett Brown, The Effects of Learning Rate Schedules on Color Quantization (Supervisor: Dr. Celebi)

Reese Childers, A Study of Rate Control for H.265/HEVC Video Compression (Supervisor: Dr. Sun)

Zeqing Dong, Understanding 21st Century Bordeaux Wines from Wine Reviews Through Natural Language Processing and Classifications (Supervisor: Dr. Chen)

Skyler Thompson, Fast Color Quantization Using MacQueen’s K-Means Algorithm (Supervisor: Dr. Celebi)


Recep Hacisoftaoglu, Deep Learning Frameworks for Diabetic Retinopathy Detection Using Smartphone-Based Retinal Imaging Systems (Supervisor: Dr. Karakaya)


Recep Erol, Skin Cancer Malignancy Classification with Transfer Learning (Supervisor: Dr. Kockara)

Jake Farmer, Content and Construct Validation of Virtual-Reality Based Surgery Simulators (Supervisor: Dr. Halic)

James Palmer, Multi-Target Classification and Regression in Wineinformatics (Supervisor: Dr. Chen)

Mustafa Tunc, Virtual Arthroscopy Training Platform (Supervisor: Dr. Halic)


German Valenzuela, Effective Color Quantization Using Coreset Sampling (Supervisor: Dr. Celebi)

Valentin Velchev, Wineinformatics: A Quantitative Analysis of Wine Reviewers (Supervisor: Dr. Chen)


Sertan Kaya, Malignancy Detection in Dermoscopy Images with Texture Analysis (Supervisor: Dr. Kockara)


Hai Le, Classifications on Wine Informatics (Supervisor: Dr. Chen)

Christopher Rhodes, Wine Informatics – Clustering and Analysis of Professional Wine Reviews (Supervisor: Dr. Chen)

Doga Demirel, Virtual Airway Skills Trainer (VAST) (Supervisor: Dr. Halic)



Cody Hudson, Protein Structure Analysis and Prediction Utilizing the Fuzzy Greedy K-Means Decision Forest Model (Supervisor: Dr. Chen)

Christopher Mitchell, A Computational Study of Interval Matrix Games (Supervisor: Dr. Hu)

Recep Avci, An Efficient Parallel Implementation of Structural Network Clustering in Massively Parallel GPU (Supervisor: Dr. Kockara)



Sait Suer, An Improved Border Detection in Dermoscopy Images for Density Based Clustering (Supervisor: Dr. Kockara)

Pavan Marupally, Forecasting Network Bandwidth Using Interval Computing and Privacy Preserving Portable Health Records Based on Smart Cards (Supervisor: Dr. Paruchuri)


Vincent Yip, Concept Discovery for Pathology Reports Using an N-Gram Model (Supervisor: Dr. Kockara)


Guanchen Chen, Volatile Data Predictive Analysis with Interval Methods (Supervisor: Dr. Hu)

Xin Yin, New Rate-Complexity Modeling and Rate Control for H.264/AVC Video Compression (Supervisor: Dr. Sun)


Ping Hu, On Interval Weighted Graphs (Supervisor: Dr. Hu)



Michael Nooner, IntBLAS : An Interval Linear Algebra Library in C++ (Supervisor: Dr. Hu)

Vineet Saini, Security Evaluation of MyProxy Credential Repository for Grid Computing Systems (Supervisor: Dr. Paruchuri)


Dwayne Collins, On Interval Valued Nash Games (Supervisor: Dr. Hu)