Advisory Board

The purpose of the Advisory Board is to provide advocacy, guidance, and support to the department. The board also serves as a liaison between the department and IT employers in the state.

The board meets annually with the department faculty. In this meeting, the department updates the board members on recent developments in the department and plans for the upcoming year(s). The board members are then invited to provide guidance that will help the department succeed in its ongoing endeavors as well as develop new fields of endeavor. In addition, board members are expected to assist in identifying the resources required to achieve the department’s strategic goals.

Advisory Board Bylaws

Advisory Board Members

Member Affiliation
Gary Boyd Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Aaron Knight City of Conway
David Martin Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Valerie Moring Edafio Technology Partners
Allison Nicholas Metova
Chad Fitz FIS
Andrew Cowart Metova
Sam Ellis Southwest Power Pool
Andrew Goodwin Conway Development Corporation
Lawson Bonds Arkansas Federal Credit Union
Lee Easley ArcBest Technologies