COB Beta Alpha Psi Chapter Places First and Second at Regional Conference Competitions

UCA’s Theta Lambda Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi earned a first place win at the 2022 regional conference in the category of Best Practices in the Art of Engagement. Several members worked to create an escape room with a resume theme and offered the escape to teams of students. Harris Felton and Tristen Porter presented the project for the virtual competition. Because of the first place regional win, the Theta Lambda Chapter will compete against the other regional winners in Orlando this summer.

UCA students also earned a 2nd Place regional win for Best Practices in the Art of Change. Chapter members Claire DeBusk, Yulia Lyubchenko, and Kaidan Zheng shared how the Theta Lambda Chapter changed in the face of covid and the increased demands of members.  [Read more…]

Outstanding General Business Student: Jenna Glisch

Jenna Glisch

Classification: Senior earning a BBA in Business Administration

Hometown: Rockwall, TX

Future plans: I haven’t accepted a job yet, but as of right now I plan on finding a job working in HR, and eventually move back to Texas to be closer to my family. I am open to whatever career path fits best for me and my life, and that is part of the reason why I chose general Business Administration as my major! I have many interests in hobbies, so I can see my career path changing over time.

Having professors that care not only how you do in their course, but also in life, is the best thing. Professors don’t have to take the time out of their day to ask about you, your life, and how you’re doing, so it means a lot when they do! COB Adviser Emma Allen also took time to talk to me about my life, my hobbies, and made a real connection with me when we could have just talked about my classes for next semester and been done with it. The advice I have received that is most meaningful to me is the life lessons Mr. Courtway taught us.


Outstanding Phi Beta Lambda Student: Ryan Taneja

Ryan Taneja

Classification: Junior earning a degree in Management Information Systems

Hometown: Benton, AR

Future plans: After obtaining my bachelor’s degree, I plan on following in the footsteps of my amazing parents. I will be pursuing my Masters in Business Administration while working as a Business Analyst. I also will be working on expanding my businesses, such as Taneja Marketing Group, and trying to support fellow Arkansans and my community through my non-profit called The Taneja Family Foundation.

As an undergraduate in the UCA College of Business, I have had numerous amazing mentors, from Dr. Marsha Carson to Dr. Jim Downey to Dr. Laci Lyons. The faculty at the College of Business has shown me so much love, patience, and guidance as I navigate my entrepreneurial goals. A lot of professors would agree that one big thing that stops entrepreneurs and indeed anyone from achieving their complete potential/goals is anxiety and self-doubt. I can recall when a company wanted to purchase one of my businesses, and I ran to Dr. Tracy Suter super nervous because my heart was telling me “no,” but my mind was scared and telling me to say yes. Thanks to him and the rest of the College of Business’s excellent staff & faculty, I continue to follow my heart, and I never look back because I know they are people out there who believe in me and have my back. The College of Business will always be my home, and I’ll always be grateful for the fantastic friendships I have and currently am making here.

Outstanding Gamma Iota Sigma Student: William Biernat

William Biernat

Classification: Junior earning a BBA in Insurance and Risk Management

Hometown: Little Rock, AR

Future plans: I plan on accepting a job after graduation. I do have an internship for this summer with an insurance agency.

“Being a part of the UCA College of Business has benefited me tenfold. As president of one of the business clubs within the College of Business, I gain experience with promoting and running a club. I’ve been able to connect with students from all different majors in the COB and gain knowledge that will benefit me throughout my professional career. My professors in the College want me to succeed and that motivates me to do the best I can in the classroom. I’ve gained skills in networking whether it was from meetings, job fairs, or conferences I was able to attend.”

Outstanding BASCOM Student: Peyton Tolliver

Peyton Tolliver

Classification: Junior earning a BBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Hometown: Columbia, Missouri

Future plans: I  am currently a Business Management Intern at Virco Manufacturing in Conway, AR and plan to take on a full time job in supply chain upon graduation in May 2023.

“I have made connections with students and faculty that I know will last long after I graduate. Faculty such as Dr. Voss and Mr. Cross have encouraged and supported me as I work towards my degree and are always there to answer questions and give advice when I need it. Through these relationships I’ve been provided opportunities for leadership positions within UCA and outside organizations, internships and networking with industry professionals. These opportunities have allowed me to grow as an individual as well as a leader and industry professional.”


Outstanding Beta Alpha Psi Student: Claire DeBusk

Claire DeBusk

Classification: Graduate earning a Master of Accountancy

Hometown: Cabot, AR

Future plans: In June, I will start as assurance staff at HoganTaylor and begin the process of taking the CPA exam.

“My time at UCA has been an amazing 5 years. As a freshman, I could not have imagined all the people I would meet, the memories I would make, and the experiences that would impact me. The College of Business has become a second home; I have spent hundreds of hours in the building attending class, studying, or hanging with friends. I am blessed to have such great faculty and classmates that have helped me along the way. Most notably, Beta Alpha Psi has positively impacted my leadership and professional development. I have been able to network with employers as well as get to know my classmates. I will always remember my time in the College of Business with gratitude.”

Outstanding Accounting Club Student: Kaidan Zheng

KaKaidan Zhengi

Classification: Senior earning a BBA in Accounting

Hometown: Bryant, AR

Future plans: I enrolled in the MAcc program at UCA starting this summer, and after that, I have accepted a tax staff position at HoganTaylor LLP in Little Rock, AR starting next June.

I appreciate Beta Alpha Psi and Accounting club for  organizing events that assist students in building their careers, especially the opportunity to attend the Beta Alpha Psi regional conference with other excellent students.


Outstanding COB Student: Michael Isaac

Michael Isaac

Classification: Freshman earning a BBA in Business Administration

Hometown: West Memphis, AR

Future plans: After graduation I plan to go to law school and obtain my J.D.

“The COB has impacted me in a very positive and profound way, I enjoy the environment, and I love how all of my professors are willing to go above and beyond to help me be successful. Most importantly I am grateful for all of the networking opportunities that the campus has to offer, and I am grateful that my Academic adviser, Dr. Moseley makes it a priority to keep all of her student informed about opportunities within the COB.”

Outstanding Master of Business Administration (MBA) Student: Kelsey Hagan

Kelsey Hagan

Classification: Graduate earning her MBA with a focus in finance

Hometown: Sunnyvale CA

Future Plans: I will begin working at Deloitte – Memphis office remotely.

“UCA helped me in a variety of ways. The professors have helped tremendously and each of them took the time to help me. Dr. Chen and Dr. Nadler took their personal time to help prepare me for interviews and review my resume. I enjoyed getting to know my peers and gaining relationships I would not have had otherwise.”

Outstanding Master of Accountancy (MAcc) Student: Madeline Brodsky

Madeline Brodsky

Classification: Graduate earning her MAcc

Hometown: Conway, AR

Future plans: I have accepted a full time position as a Tax Staff with HCJ CPAs and Advisors, PLLC, in Little Rock, AR, and I will start this position this summer. I will also begin studying for the CPA exam upon completing my degree.

“The Accounting Department faculty have impacted my life both professionally and academically during my time in the UCA College of Business. These faculty members desire to see their students succeed, and I have experienced this in my interactions with these professors both in and out of the classroom. From additional help with coursework to advice on career opportunities, the accounting faculty have helped me achieve my academic and professional goals. I would not be where I am today without the support and encouragement of these professors.”