Outstanding Innovation & Entrepreneurship Student: Elin Kumlin

Elin Kumlin

Classification: Senior earning a BBA in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Hometown: Kinna, Sweden

Future Plans: I want to play professional golf.

“The College of business has helped me plan for the future in starting my own business. I will have to do this to obtain sponsorships, budgeting for tournaments, and networking with fellow golfers to enhance my future in the professional golf world.”

Outstanding Human Resources Student: Ashlyn Garner

Ashlyn Garner

Classification: Senior earning a BBA in Human Resource Management

Hometown: Mountain Home, AR

Future plans: I plan to attend graduate school in the fall, pursuing a masters degree in healthcare administration. I will also be working in human resources gaining experience and networking with people in my field.

“My time at UCA has directed my business endeavors towards management. Professor Schlachter’s human resources courses have helped me find my passion in organizational behavior and compensation.

The best advice I have received is to not underestimate the importance in developing your people. Human capital is the greatest asset of any business. Provide them with resources, understand the motivators of your organization, and cultivate a culture that enhances workplace relationships and develops the transformational leaders of tomorrow.”

Outstanding Logistics & Supply Chain Management Student: Trevor Cook

Trevor Cook

Classification: Junior earning a BBA in Logistic & Supply Chain Management

Hometown: I’ve accepted an intern position at Cintas this summer and plan to explore different companies and look for a good fit. I could see myself working for a major trucking company in Arkansas after graduation.

Future plans: I’ve accepted an intern position at Cintas this summer and plan to explore different companies and look for a good fit. I could see myself working for a major trucking company in Arkansas after graduation.

“The UCA College of Business has opened up opportunities for me that I didn’t even know existed by emphasizing career fairs and teaching me skills that are actually applicable to getting a well-paying job in the future.”

Outstanding Management Student: William Pontius

William Pontius

Classification: Senior earning BBA in Management

Hometown: Conway, AR

Future plans: I have been accepted into the University of Central Arkansas Master’s Program for my MBA and data analytics certificate. I plan on obtaining my doctorate after my MBA.

“I had doubts when I made the decision to further my education. I am so grateful I did. Attending UCA has been the most rewarding experience. With the support of my advisor Christy Peel and my instructors, my doubts turned into confidence. UCA has given me the motivation to push myself further than I ever imagined.

I am a non-traditional student as well as a single father. With the education I am receiving, I am confident that I will be able to provide the best life for my son. I will forever be grateful for the experience UCA has given me. I know that my future holds endless opportunities and that there is no limit to how far I can go.”

Outstanding Information Systems Student: Elian Mackey

Classification: Senior Earning a BS in Information Systems

Hometown: Nassau, Bahamas

Future plans: I plan to attend graduate school.

“After being introduced to other international students who were in the CISA department and learning more of what the department offered, I made the switch. My time learning interpersonal skills from my more business-oriented classes combined with all of my hands-on technological experience will continue to be extremely beneficial as I advance in my career.”

COB Names Its 2022 Outstanding Students

At its annual awards banquet on Thursday, April 7, the UCA College of Business (COB) named its Outstanding Students for the 2021-2022 academic year. The evening was a celebration of the academic achievements and leadership of College of Business students.

The college has outstanding students in every academic area, and the night’s MC, Associate Dean Lyons, said that choosing just one per area was difficult. The awards given celebrate one student who stood out this year in each academic program and registered student organization. These students have more than excellent GPAs. Students recognized were chosen because they have taken advantage of their education and combined exemplary academic performance with internships, volunteerism, professional development, experiential education, and participating in clubs and other important experiences.

Congratulate our winners and learn more about them.  [Read more…]

Outstanding Computer Information Systems Student: Mike Gant

Classification: Senior earning a BBA in Management Information Systems

Hometown: Clinton, Mississippi

Future plans: I am currently working two part time jobs as I finish school. One of them is remote with a consulting firm based in Utah with which I will also work full time post graduation.

“I have made connections with incredible professors who I’ve asked for potential future references from. Their passion and drive to educate is remarkable.

My peers have also influenced me. Some set examples of what not to do, but others I find similar work ethic in and enjoy learning with in a symbiotic relationship.”

Outstanding Insurance & Risk Management Student: Sierra Camp

Classification: Senior earning a BBA in Insurance & Risk Management

Hometown: Sacramento, California

Future Plans: I have taken a position as a Commercial Lines Account Manager at Williamson Insurance.

“The professors within the Insurance and Risk Management department have been amazing to learn from. Ms. Burleson, Dr. Deng, and Dr. Yao truly have taken an interest in my success and future as an insurance professional. They are also very knowledgeable and have real world experience in the industry. Because of them, I have been apart of a few very informative internship experiences and have been hired onto a great company. My advice is to take advantage of Gamma Iota Sigma and the free services that UCA has to offer. Don’t be afraid to speak up in class and ask lots of questions. I have felt supported and included in my whole undergraduate experience and I couldn’t have chosen a better major.”

Outstanding Finance Student: Niklas Iking

Classification: Senior earning a BBA in Finance

Hometown: Saffig, Germany

Future Plans: I will attend grad school in Germany.

“The COB has prepared me in the best way for grad school and allowed me to focus on my interests on the way there. I’m grateful for a caring faculty that is always there for someone in need of help. The most memorable courses were with Prof. Yuan (Econometrics), Principles of Micro and Macro (Dr. Mitchell), and Prof. Courtway (Legal environment of business).”

Outstanding Economics Student: Caleb Vines

Caleb Vines

Classification: Senior earning an Economics degree

Hometown: Conway, AR

Future Plans: I plan to attend graduate school in 2023.

“My time in the College of Business has really helped me to realize the potential that I have in grad school, and the advice my professors have offered has definitely been more than helpful.”