Graduate Program Licensure

Candidates completing graduate-level programs of study in one of the following areas may apply for an initial Arkansas educator license by following the steps listed below.

  • Speech Language Pathologist
  • School Psychology Specialist
  • School Counseling (Initial License)

Note:  Only steps 1 and 2 below are required for those candidates who currently hold an Arkansas educator license and are completing other graduate programs of study at UCA to add an area to an existing license.

  1. Submit an application for an Arkansas educator license.  The license application is available here.  Be sure to sign the bottom of the first page. The fee for an initial license is $75.00 and can be paid here.
  2. Submit copies of passing scores on the required Arkansas Praxis exam(s) listed below.  More information about Arkansas Praxis requirements is available here.  Praxis requirements for school psychology specialist, speech pathology, and school counseling (initial license) are listed in the Instructional Support Personnel section.
  3. Complete a criminal history background check with the Arkansas State Police/FBI and complete the child maltreatment central registry check.  Information about these two requirements is available here.
  4. Complete the Arkansas Department of Education professional development requirements.  Information about these requirements is available here.  After each module, print the completion certificate and include it with your license application.  Note that the parental involvement requirement is 2 hours, which means that you may need to complete more than one module to meet this requirement.
  5. Submit official transcripts for all college credit (undergraduate and graduate) not earned at UCA.

Where to submit your materials (items 1, 2, 4, & 5)?

  • Speech Language Pathologist Kathy McDaniel, Clinic Director
  • School Psychology Specialist — John Murphy, Program Director
  • School Counseling (initial license) — Office of Candidate Services, Mashburn 119

When all materials are submitted and your degree (or PMC) has been conferred, your application packet will be submitted by the Office of Candidate Services to the Arkansas Department of Education.  Once received, your license should be issued within 2-3 weeks.  You can check the progress of your license application here.

NOTE:  For all initial licenses and for areas requiring the completion of a program of study, your license application MUST be approved and submitted to the Arkansas Department of Education by the UCA Office of Candidate ServicesDo not submit your application directly to the Arkansas Department of Education.

Required Praxis Exams

School Psychology Specialist

School Psychologist (Test 5402)

Speech Language Pathologist

Speech Language Pathology (Test 5331)

School Counseling (Initial License)

Professional School Counselor
(Test 5421)
Principles of Learning and Teaching
(Test 5622, 5623, OR 5624)