Admission Requirements

Admission Level 1

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Candidates seeking admission into Level I of the teacher education program will initiate the process for admission in the Office of Candidate Services (OCS) in Mashburn 119 upon completion of minimum requirements mandated by the Arkansas Department of Education and the University of Central Arkansas. Full admission will not be granted to candidates enrolled in prerequisite courses until those courses are successfully completed. Level I admission is required for enrollment in designated upper division professional education courses.

During the semester candidates seek Level I admission, they will submit the Admission Affidavit (item 1 below) to the Office of Candidate Services (OCS) where an active file on each candidate initiating the process of admission will be maintained. The OCS will verify the items below and place the appropriate data on each candidate into the College of Education candidate database. Level I applicants are also responsible for securing faculty recommendations (item 7 below) and successful completion of an entrance interview (item 8 below).

The following minimum requirements must be met for admission to the teacher education program. Individual programs may have further requirements for admission.


Submission of an Admission Affidavit stating that the candidate has never been convicted of any crime that would prevent the issuance of a teaching license (Act 1313 of 1997 and Act 752 of 2001). This form must be submitted in person to the Office of Candidate Services (Mashburn 119) during the semester the candidate is seeking admission into the teacher education program.

In addition to this affidavit, candidates applying for admission or participating in a field experience must have an approved background check. Information regarding acceptable background checks is available in the Office of Candidate Services, Mashburn 119.



Submission of the Internship Waiver. This form may have been completed in EDUC 1300 or ECSE 3300 (or upon arrival for transfer students); however, candidates seeking admission will want to verify that their signed form is on file.


A cumulative 2.50 GPA on all coursework attempted. Prior to full admission, transfer students with no previous coursework at UCA must also establish a 2.50 GPA on a minimum of twelve semester hours completed at UCA.

Effective Fall 2015 – The minimum cumulative GPA will be 2.70.


Complete the following courses (or approved equivalent) with a grade of “C” or better:

  • WRTG 1310 and WRTG 1320
  • SPCH 1300
  • MATH 1360, MATH 1390, or above (Some majors require MATH 1390 or above.)
  • EDUC 1300 (For Secondary, K-12, and Middle Level majors) OR ECSE 3300 (For Elementary and Special Education majors)
  • Ed Tech Competency Exam or equivalent course (e.g. EDUC 1240, CSCI 1300, or MIS 2343)


Effective 9/01/2014, ACT scores may be used for admission to teacher education in lieu of the Praxis Core for those areas (math, reading, English + writing) with subtest scores of at least 22 provided that the composite score for that ACT is 24 or greater.  Click here for more information regarding the use of ACT or SAT scores in lieu of Praxis Core.

Those who do not meet minimum scores on the ACT or SAT must take the Core Academic Skills for Educators (Praxis Core).  You can register for all three subtests at the same time by using code 5751 for the combined test. To repeat one or more subtests, use the test code for the individual subtests. Click the test title below for a study guide.

Praxis Core Reading
(Code 5712) – Qualifying score: 156
Praxis Core Writing
(Code 5722) – Qualifying score: 162
Praxis Core Mathematics
(Code 5732) - Qualifying score: 150

Candidates are advised to take the Praxis Core during the freshman year. Admission to the program will be delayed until minimum scores on each section are achieved.  The UCA Writing Center offers one-on-one Praxis Core assistance for the reading and writing portions of the exam. For more information about this resource and others to help prepare for the Praxis I, click here.


Successful completion of at least forty-five (45) semester hours.


Submission of two recommendations for admission from UCA faculty (one recommendation must be completed by the instructor of EDUC 1300 or ECSE 3300). Candidates must complete the Teacher Recommendation Request Form for each of the selected UCA faculty to request a recommendation for admission.


Successful candidate interview and recommendation for admission by major area faculty. Candidates will register for the interview in the Office of Candidate Services. Interviews may not be scheduled prior to the mid-term of any semester. Items 1-7 will be forwarded to the candidate’s major academic department prior to the interview dates established by the department.


For completion by Transfer Students ONLY. Please fill out the following short survey:  Transfer Student Information Form


Interview Guidelines

1. Interviews will be conducted by the major department.
2. On the interview consensus ratings, if a candidate scores “Unsatisfactory” in any category, then the candidate will fail the interview.
3. The original copy of consensus ratings for the candidate interview, with the academic department’s recommendation for admission (or denial of admission), will be forwarded to the Office of Candidate Services to be entered into the database.
4. If a candidate fails an interview, s/he may be given a second chance to interview. The department will design interview questions for the second interview.
5. If the candidate fails the interview a second time, then s/he will be advised to examine other majors and to contact Career Services. Interview registration deadlines are listed below.

Candidates may not pre-register for upper-level professional education courses unless all requirements listed above are complete prior to the time of pre-registration.

Candidates admitted to the teacher education program will be assessed a fee of $250.00 to cover costs incurred in early field placements and Internships I and II. This fee will be due at the beginning of the semester (January or August) following full admission to the teacher education program.

The Office of Candidate Services will observe the following deadlines for the application process. Candidates are encouraged to submit all documentation for admission prior to the established deadlines.

Spring Semester Admission
October 1—Final date for the admission interview registration (item 8) for candidates seeking admission for the spring semester.
November 1—Final date for completion of items 1-7 for candidates seeking full admission for the spring semester.

Fall Semester Admission
March 1—Final date for the admission interview registration (item 8) for candidates seeking admission for the summer or fall semester.
April 1—Final date for completion of items 1-7 for those candidates seeking full admission for the summer or fall semester.

** Summer interviews are offered at the discretion of the academic department.

** July 1—Final date for the admission interview registration (item 8) for candidates seeking admission for the fall semester.
** August 1—Final date for completion of items 1-7 for those candidates seeking full admission for the fall semester.

Academic Departments may have additional requirements that must be met prior to candidates receiving a recommendation for admission. Candidates for admission are advised to contact the program coordinator in their major academic department for any additional requirements.