Booking Your Flight


Booking Your Flight

You must arrive on May 26th or 27th.  Campus housing is available starting May 27th.  If you arrive on May 26th you must request to stay with a host family or make arrangements to stay in a hotel.
If you fill out the Arrival Information Form, we will provide you with free transportation.  We will have volunteers waiting to meet you at the airport and help you get connected with your ride from the airport to Conway.  The airport that we will pick you up at is the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport.  The airport is located at 1 Airport Dr, Little Rock, AR 72202.
If you do not fill out the Arrival Information Form, you will be expected to provide your own transportation from the airport to Conway.

Taxi to UCA

If you do not make International Engagement aware of your flight number or arrival time, or if your flight is delayed you have other complications, you may need to take a taxi to Conway. The taxi system in Arkansas is safe, so if exercising appropriate judgment, you should not be afraid. If you take a taxi from the airport to Conway, you should expect to pay $60-$90. Tell them you are a UCA student and you may receive a discount.

Conway Yellow Cab: 501-327-1515            Conway Taxi: 501-730-4110

Little Rock Yellow Cab: 501-568-0462       Little Rock Discount Taxi: 501-988-4425

Instruct the driver to take you to 360 Farris Road – the Carol Adcock International House. This is the International Engagement Office.  If you are arriving after 4:30pm or Saturday-Sunday, you must call IE cell phone at 501-472-6434 on your way to campus so someone will be there to meet you.